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Welcome Back 80’s!

I’ve been keeping up with New York Fashion Week and curiously, the designers have introduced styles they claim will appeal to “real people”. What does this mean? A return of big, baggy, comfy, and men wear. Yep! Even for the women. Can we say welcome back 80’s style? 😀

I’ve been following 2014’s New York Fashion Week. And curiously, the designers chose to focus on outfits that will appeal to “real people” this year. What does this mean? A return to big, baggy, comfy and menswear. Yep! It seems women worldwide will once again be raiding their boyfriends’ closets. Can anyone say welcome back 80’s? I wonder if I should pull out the new black rubber Madonna bracelets I found at Five&Below the other day? Hmm. 😀

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