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Fashion Friday … Live and Let Live

No… I haven’t suddenly decided to take a dive into the political abyss here on the blogazine, so don’t worry. But that is a great way to describe this fabulous new clothing line I’ve fallen in love with over the past year or so. I love when I discover great new fashion!

I’m not a brand wh*** or label slave, but I do tend to stick with certain labels once I discover that connection, that little something intriguing that keeps me coming back time and again. This year it’s Live and Let Live, a fabulous brand, a line of clothing designed for the woman who’s forever young at heart, rather than considering herself to be forever 21. The clothes are flowy without looking like a potato sack and sexy without going overboard. Plus, they’re colorful. Perfect for spring. This line can be found in Sears and various online outlets. Here’s the piece I picked up yesterday.



Denim in today’s outfit is provided by the Kardashian sisters. According to the website, each denim is the actual design that best fits the sister who’s name is on the label. Well, needless to say, I’m not rail think like Kourtney and I don’t have the ba-ba zoom in my behind the way Kim does. So I’ve found the high-rise waist, with the bootcut and ample room for wider hips suits me best. But I have found that I can fit the larger sizes in the other two sisters’ jeans as well, but the end result is um… a little less comfy and flatterin IMHO.


The JLO handbag steal I found at Kohl’s last month works like a charm when paired with…


Golden ballet slippers by Ralph Lauren.


Today I head out into the world feeling like a princess! Well, maybe after I leave work anyway. LOL


Have a fabulous Friday!

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