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Beat the Monday Morning Lag Hag

image I know. This is the first day of the first full week of the year, and many folks are headed back to work today. I understand your pain, although I won't be going back to job#1 until Wednesday morning. However, never fear the inspirational Monday post is here!

I’m a single mom. People always ask me how I manage to do mom duties, work, run three blogs and publish 3 or 4 novels each year. My response? I just do it. And no, I’m not pimping Nike, or anything. Seriously, I simply get up, put on my happy face (cuz sad faces require too much effort) and roll with the program. There are folks out there having a much harder time than me. If I start thinking about how tough things could be, then I don’t get anything done that day.

What other things can you do to squash the Monday Morning Lag Hag Syndrome? I have a few suggestions to help you. You can choose to concentrate on the good times you experienced with your family. Hum Christmas tunes while showering. This is okay. No one will punish you for hanging on to Christmas after New Years.

Are you sick and tired of Christmas anything? Don’t feel bad. The spirit never really grabbed hold of me this year either. For those of us suffering from Grinch syndrome, then you can choose to talk to your significant other or your kids about the good moments you all shared during your time off. Surely there was at least one funny moment you can rehash.

Were the holidays stressful? Then talk about the trip or family outing you’ll be taking this year and start discussing how to work toward making that happen. No matter what you choose to focus on, try to make sure it’s positive and 2015 wish-oriented. Notice I didn’t say goal/resolution oriented. See my anti-New Year’s Resolution post for my explanation of how I feel about those.

Now head out into the world and remember you are an agent of fabulosity. Nothing can stop you today!

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  1. Britanica // January 20, 2015 at 7:28 pm //

    So many people say “I hate Mondays” or wear shirts that say it for them. To me, Monday is just another day. There is not day that differs from the rest when we are talking about goals or dreams. Time is an illusion. Don’t let your dreams or your health fade because of what the clock or the calender says. Mind over matter! Great post. I enjoyed reading this.

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