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The 2015 Spring and Summer Color Palette – Nature’s Misted Beauty

If you follow the Fashion Week scene each year, then you’ve already seen the 2015 color palette.  If not, then presto! You can take a peek at it now!

PANTONE Colors_WoMen_12

At first glance, I didn’t like these colors. I am the former Goth mom turned paranormal romance author. I like strength and durability and glamour, not frillies and things. My first thought was: “What a boring batch of washed out nonsense.” However, over the past few weeks, I’ve learned to appreciate the effort the influencer’s over at Pantone have made toward choosing these colors.

I now find this year’s palette to be intriguing… reminiscent of a magical land in a far away place. Not feeling my fantasy jive? Try reading/visualizing this next paragraph instead. Writing this description has helped me out… A LOT!

TuscanFarmhouseThe colors of the 2015 spring/summer pallette remind me of several elements of nature. Scuba conjures memories of the Mediterranean Sea. Aquamarine stirs memories of what the Roman baths of the ancient days might look like. Lavendar Herb makes me think of the flowers inside a Tuscan garden, and in turn, that same field sits covered by the Tangerine and Strawberry Ice colored rays of the setting sun while my Sandstone colored villa shines brilliantly as it sits among the Treetop colored lawn.

(Feel free to refer to the cheat sheet posted above at this point.)

SunsetoverTuscanGardenIn the end, I step out of my doorway, admiring the lush Treetop colored lawn while the fabric of my Classic Blue dress whips around my ankles as it blows in the wind.

Can you start to picture where the designers’ inspiration came from? Yep! I suspect somebody(bodies) took a trip to Italy just before deciding on this season’s palette. What do you think?

Colors I Adore:

Well, I think you can see which hues appeal to the Italian lover in me, especially after that intro I conjured up while sitting here at the Barnes&Noble. So let’s move on to…

Colors I Plan to Avoid like the Plague (well… sorta kinda, anyway):

1) Marsala – Wait! Stop the presses!

That’s the color of the year. What the heck is she thinking? Here’s my deal. I’m not sure whether it’s brown or red or burgundy. Maybe it’s some mixture of the three; but I’m not digging it. I can almost feel myself vanishing into the background, as I imagine me stepping out to greet a legion of fans wearing a color that washes out the olive-colored undertones of my skin.The horror! lol


119308294Okay, since I began researching/brainstorming/writing this post, I had some time to digest the um… uniqueness of Marsala. I also visited Pinterest and several online retailers and began digging up pics of clothing that uses this color. First, I’m pretty sure I’ll change my mind about this one as far as nail polish goes.

**see pic above**

Clothing, well, I’m still kinda on the fence. I guess it depends on whether the versatility of Marsala’s tone is leaning more toward the burgundy or muddy brown side.

Here’s a collage of affordable Marsala colored things I put together so you can add them to your collection if you like. Not to bad, huh?

Shopping Info:

Top Row from left to right:

  1. Chi Chi London Lace Turtle Neck Skater Dress $80
  2. A Unicorn Made Me Do It T-Shirt by
  3. Fold Over Bust Sun Dress Autumn Bouquet Black Lace (Sold Out… sorry)
  4. Dress#4 is a Pinterest find. Will post the purchase link when I find out where to buy it.

Bottom Row from left to right:

  1. Audacious Lipstick from
  2. MAC Cosmetics New Collections Nail Lacquer $12
  3. Anti-Aging Lipstick, Chateau de Vine Lipstick $18
  4. Blush (I won’t dare post the name of it, though… lol) $34
  5. Shoes (My fav of the group) Jessica Simpson Aggie Bootie $41

2) Custard – Yet another wash me out and wear me thin tone. Plus, I’m upset that each year, there seems to be yet another golden hue that doesn’t hold its own against my favorite… mustard yellow. I don’t see me changing my mind on this one. Sorry Tuscany lovers.

3)  Glacier Gray – Can we say sweatshirt and sweatpants, please? Umm. No.

4)  Lucite Green – Yet another one of those colors that doesn’t do a thing for me. Too bright. Too loud. Too much.

My favorite color(s) out of this bunch… Classic Blue with Scuba Blue trailing close behind. If you’ve been following me throughout the months and have truly been reading this story, then you’ll probably have already figured I prefer darker tones over pastels and muddy reds.

With that being said, Marsala grows on me more each day. Hmm…

Overall, I appreciate what the influencers of this season’s palettes want to do. Honestly, I’m a lover of all things Mediterranean and truly adore a few of these colors. However, some of these hues just don’t strike me as either runway or prom worthy, or anything memorable. I’m looking forward to 2016’s vibrant palette of strength and deep color. But that’s another post’s story.

There you have it. My honest take/thoughts/gripes on the 2015 color trends. I hope you enjoyed the story.

What are your thoughts on the 2015 Spring/Summer color palette?

15 Comments on The 2015 Spring and Summer Color Palette – Nature’s Misted Beauty

  1. I am not a fan of pastels, but there are some really beautiful shades there – I love olive greens, cornflower blues, berry reds. I think it depends on your coloring.

    I live in jeans and T’s and have fallen for the New Look uniform T – will be adding that to my shopping list for Spring.

  2. That Scuba Blue is tasty! I have a feeling it’s going to be showing up in a LOT of my pieces this year,as well as the Lucite Green. Beautiful, soft, rich colors and nor an anemic pastel in sight!

  3. Nice to see a more subtle blend of tones for design work for 2015

  4. Marsala is a reddish brown, at least I don’t see any mauve. Maybe if you like loud colors you could keep wearing the clothing from seasons past? I suppose you can’t please every one, or suit every skin tone.

  5. Sorry I have to disagree!!! These colors are so much fun to accessorize, jewelry, seasonal scarves, hats, handbags, shoes etc. can make any one of these colors pop. With all of the trends ahead for spring it will not be a boring season!!!

  6. I love change and I really love the 2015 colors! Change inspires creativity and motivates me to step into new places as a Jewelry Designer. Personally, I have always appreciated Marsala for it’s richness and ability to work with many skin and hair tones. I am relieved to see some of the eye-popping, neon colors of recent years fade away from popularity and have many nature based and soft neutrals breeze in on Pantone’s Colour Palette this year !

  7. Love the colors. Can’t wait to create beaded jewelry to coordinate with fashion in these colors.

  8. Great combination of hot weather and cool colors loved it.

  9. Happy as long as blue is included !

  10. i think that these colors are amazing. i love the cool peaceful relaxing shades of blue, its a good break from the three year streak of bright sharp intense colors.

  11. These colors look like the last dye lot of a tired vat… down to the dregs, diluted and polluted. So tired. So faded. So sad and bedraggled. I’ll take a pass.

  12. So natural and refreshing at the same time. But “You can’t please every one… That is why they have a color palette. To please everyone.

  13. Thanks everyone for taking the time to stop by and comment!

  14. I chose the gorgeous Marsala. It is such a delicious, rich red. I’m really loving all the colors this year and can’t wait to start working the colors into my spring jewelry line.

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