This month’s color wheel (actually, it’s more of a Monday Mood Board) showcases two of my favorites… red and pink. That’s right. I’m unable to let go of Valentine’s Day. However, you have to kinda admit that these two colors still inspire two of the strongest emotions in the human psyche… life and love. This is why I’ve chosen to use them as two of four primary colors of this blogazine.

Where glancing at red makes me feel strong and ready to take on the world, pink softens my resolve and reminds me that at the end of the day, I still like to kick back, pull my hair up into a girly topknot, throw on a comfy pair of sweats and allow myself to be well… a girl. 😀

What does a love of the color red say about you? 


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And how about pink?


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Now, on to this week’s color wheel. The exotically fiery appeal of pink and red.