FrenchKissedThere’s just something about France that intrigues me.

Maybe it’s the simplicity in the clothing or the boldness in a stroke of red on a pair of plump lips. Then again, it could be the taste of the cuisine, subtle yet strong.

Even glancing at a simple picture of the Eiffel Tower causes goosebumps of excitement to rise on my arms. The music, the clothing, the lifestyle… these French elements make me feel completely and totally French Kissed.

To celebrate the upcoming Paris Fashion week starting on March 3rd, I’ve put together a set inspired by 2015 Fashion Trends spotted all over the runways. Black & White has definitely made a comeback along with pops of color to liven up the ensembles.

Yes, I’m going to buy this sweet little number for myself. And yes, I promise to take a picture of me wearing the outfit. And guess what? I’m showing you budget friendly pieces to help both you and your bank account look fabulous while you enjoy the feeling of being French Kissed. Enjoy!

French Made… French Kissed


Items in this Set:

  1.  White V-Neck Long Sleeve Slim Sweater $16
  2. Black High Waist Pleated Skirt $17
  3. Women’s Betmar French Beret $30.95
  4. Classic Slip-On Ballet Flats $59.95
  5. Samba Rose Stud Earrings $12.99
  6. Take Me to Paris iPhone Case $39.95