Highlights of March Events… the Lucky Month

March-Highlights_1Looks like we’ve made it to the third month of 2015. And guess what? This is the lucky month, a time for sharing and celebrating all things green! Woot! LoL

Even if you don’t share my enthusiasm of the color green, I’m almost certain you will love our March lineup. Along with LiveWellBeFabulous’s regular features such as Tipsy Tuesday and Fashion Friday, we’ll be adding a few other goodies to the lineup.

Need a hint on what you’ll see? I’ve got you covered. Take a peek at the collage of pictures above this paragraph. That should help.

Here’s what you can expect to see this month:

Digital Scrapbooking

Yes, it’s official. I’m obsessed and proud of it. However, the art of creating picture collages with software requires just as much creativity as taking the time to put together a physical scrapbook. There’s a matter of matching patterns, stamps, frames, etc. without feeling like you’ve done so. Stay tuned for more info on that particular skill.

Jewelry Making  

You all LOVED the How to Make a Swarovski Jewelry set in 6 Easy Steps, so…. guess what? We’ll be making more necklaces, bracelets and goodies this go round as well. The theme? Stuff for the guys/boys/men in your lives. 😀

Which leads me to…

Making Jewelry with Polymer Clay20150303_195723

You MUST see the bracelet we made in the colors/style of Live Well Be Fabulous. I think it has been years since I dived into getting my fingers good and dirty and having so much fun while I was doing so. What’s even better than getting messy pretty?

 Flavorful Southern Cooking

Your reaction to this series was outstanding. So we’re going to kick it up a notch by taking pics and including the results of our own cooking adventures.

Mermaid Nails

And no, glitter isn’t just for daughters and grandkids. This tutorial will help you get a salon quality manicure all by yourself.  Don’t worry. It’s SUPER easy. 😀

photo (261)

Other notable events:
  1. A Romantic Getaway in Greece – You can view this tour through the islands of Greece on our page called the Mediterranean Muse. You’re going to LOVE the photography.
  2. The Fit & Thrifty Diva – shares tips for runners and comments on pictures of a few eh-em, notable running outfits I found on Pinterest. You have to see this to understand why I cleared my throat.
  3. LiWBF’s first ever giveaway will take place beginning on March 17th. You don’t want to miss out because the prize package is fantastic!

See you tomorrow!