5 Tips For Creating A Fabulous Summer Body

5-Tips-For-Creating-A-Summer-BodySummer is creeping up on us and soon it will be here. Are you in the shape that you would like to be in for a day at the beach? If the answer is no, we have some tips for you ladies to get motivated, active, and healthy. Getting in the shape that you want to be in will help you look and feel fabulous. Don’t hide your body away this summer. Be proud to flaunt it and show off the figure that you got through all of your hard work. Let’s discuss a few basics I’ve been using during my transition to embracing the healthy lifestyle.


3apples_redFrontCtrMFile-5-Tips-Healthy-Lifestyle-LiWBFMaking sure that you have the proper type of fuel for your body will help it perform better and drop the weight that is holding you back from doing the things you’d like to do. Always talk to your doctor or nutritionist before starting any kind of diet plan because your body is unique and it may require a certain amount of nutrients that the diet you want to begin doesn’t allow.
Here are a few universal tips that can help you move toward your physical goals so you can start feeling fabulous.

20150315_104633-Dasani-5-Tips-Healthy-Lifesyle-LiWBF1.Watch what you are drinking: Many people focus on the content of the food that they eat but not on the content of their drinks. Drink beverages with sugar in moderation. And make peace with water. Go ahead and get used to this mantra: Water is good. Water is my best friend. I know. You just cannot imagine parting ways with your creamer or sweet tea, right? Well neither can I. However, these beverages are often loaded with calories but provide little nutritional value so limit your consumption of these drinks and save the rest of your calories for a meal. Which leads us to tip number two.

2. Watch your calories: Calories are what help to build fat on our bodies, plain and simple. Be mindful of the amount of calories that you are eating each day. Don’t limit yourself to under 1200 calories a day unless recommended by a doctor because your body needs a certain amount of calories to perform basic functions.


How in the world am I supposed to do this? Thankfully, there are several apps out there to assist you. Fitbit not only provides great fitness trackers, but they also have fantastic software for entering in and keeping track of what you eat. It also automatically calculates your target calorie intake based on your body weight goals. Technology rocks, doesn’t it? For most people, the average amount of calories needed each day should stay within a range of 1200 and 2500 depending on your activity level. Your nutritionist can help you determine the best results for your body.


Finding the time to exercise in your schedule can be difficult. Doctors recommend that you workout 45 minutes a day 3 to 4 days a week. While this may seem like a large amount of time you can break up your workout throughout the day or strive to make time during the week, which I’ve found works best for me. Bloggerly duties take up most of my weekend. It is up to you but try to get in at least 2 hours of physical activity each week.

Here are some tips to make exercise less of a chore so you are more likely to do it and not stray from your fitness goals.
file98012358642471. Pick an exercise that you have fun with: Cardio can seem like torture at times. Pick an exercise that you love to do whether is it is running, biking, swimming or dancing. There are so many great options if you’re willing to explore them. You can even get together with friends and play a physical game two or three nights a week. Just as long as you are moving,  you are burning calories and getting your body into shape.

file0001748142009MFile-5-Tips-Healthy-Lifestyle-LiWBF2. Keep yourself entertained: If you are focusing on just the exercising itself it can be brutal and make you stop before your body is actually to the point where you need to rest. Try playing some music while you are working out or you could  bring your tablet and headphones so that you can use the treadmill while watching Netflix. This will make you work out longer and will make it more fun for you.


3. Exercise with friends: Having a buddy to keep you on task and motivated will help you be more successful in your mission to get in shape and it helps you have quality bonding time. If you are going to hang out with a friend anyway, try doing something that will keep you moving like swimming, skating, or talking while walking at your local park. Get a friend or family member to meet with you a few times a month for a trip to the gym or the park for a workout.

While getting in shape does take work and some time, it doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience. Pick a diet and exercise that you are able to stick to and you will have great success in getting your beach body ready. Plus, exercise produces happy endorphins and goodness knows, we all need as much happiness in our lives as we can get, right?

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Remember to talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program to make sure that your body can handle it. That’s so super important. Before I started training for the RockNRoll Marathon, I received a through examination in a physical focused on my body’s ability to handle physical stress along with other medical points.

If you haven’t been doing much physical activity for sometime, gradually reintroduce it into your schedule trying for ten minutes three times a week and working up to the two hour mark from there so you don’t hurt yourself from overexertion. Be sure to check back soon for the next installment of the Fit and Thrifty Diva.

Until then… stay fabulous!