The Gothic of White Part Two

A Fashionable Collection of Purity

The-Gothic-of-White-Part-Two-LiWBFOur fascination with the color white continues in part two of this post dedicated to a showcase of the purest hue in the color wheel. If you missed the first post, then you can read the story here. Want this look for the weekend? Then take a peek at the items listed below.

Items in this Set:

  1. Clear Cinderella Shoes $62.99 by Bellissima
  2. Saxton Box Satchel $65.99 by Guess
  3. Work Style Lace Pattern T-Shirt $20.99 by
  4. Olive & Oak Cutout Strap Tank by
  5.  Jute White Mid-Waist Leggings $52.00


Be sure to let us know what you think about this month’s Gothic of White Collection!