ABM_1430184900Since you all love this Super Cute projects series so very much, I have decided to make it a regular feature on the blog. WOOT! And guess what? Today I have yet another fun, but easy to make project that comes in handy just in time for Mother’s Day. Actually, this is part one of a two-part design that will be sure to be a gift either you or your mom will treasure for years to come.

Today, we’re going to be making a gorgeous glitter heart vase. Now remember, all of these super cute projects can be modifed to fit your personal taste, so feel free to explore variations on what you see. Also, if you decide to use one of these ideas, then please come back and leave the link to the pictures so LiWBF’s readers will get the chance to see it.

Now… let’s get started!

If you’ve been following this series, then you know I’ll always begin with a picture of the materials you need.



1) Gather your materials.


2)  Take a set of 20 glitter hearts (or any other pattern of your choosing) and separate the pieces according to the desired color scheme. The ideal method would be to sort the colors in the way you’d like to design the pattern on the vase. For the design on this vase, I chose four sets of five stars each and staggered the colors. That way no two hearts sitting side-by-side will have the same color.


3) Apply the hearts using Super Glue for craft work. It is so super important that you get this type of super glue. Why? Reason number one… super glue holds well. Seriously, there’s not much else that compares to it. Yet, I’m not going to be gluing my helmet to a beam that’s suspended hundreds of feet in the air. Have you seen those commercials? Right. Moving on. The second reason is because there’s a brush inside the bottle instead of the typical pointed applicator, giving you critical control of where the glue winds up. Aka, on the glass instead of your fingers. I know that might sound trivial, but trust me when I tell you to take the advice.

4) As I mentioned earlier, you should try to stagger each row so that no two colors are alike. You might have to play around with this concept for a while, which is why I suggest laying out the pattern before applying the glue. The key to making this vase look professionally crafted is to take care in the spacing and placement of the gems.

5) Allow the glue to dry and the beads to set for at least 10 minutes before moving on to the next group/side.
Complete this step until each bead has been attached to all four sides of the vase.


6) Now, set it aside and get ready for all your friends to ask where you found such a cute little treasure. Join us for Part Two of this project later in the week when we create a super cute butterfly floral arrangement to go inside your new vase!


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