Super Handsome Floral Arrangement for Him

I know. This post is a bit late. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you will recognize this as the project that I’ve promised to post since Father’s Day. However, you know how the saying goes… Better to be late to the party than to never even get there. LOL


This week’s Super Cute project is actually something you can make for that special guy in your life. Wait! Did she just suggest making a floral arrangement for a guy? Yep! She did.

Now on to the Tutorial


1. Gather your materials. Since the vase we’ll be making in this tutorial is made of paper, artificial plants will work best for this project. However, if you’re using some other substitute for the vase (such as glass or plastic) then you can use real flowers. Make sure to remove all tags and stickers. Cut any stems that don’t line up with the other flowers in the group. For this project, I had to cut the stems off both the focal flower and the lavender roses. A good way to pre-measure the stems is to simply take the group of plants you intend to use and hold them up beside the vase, keeping an eye on how evenly the stems fall when bunched together.

2. Prepare the vase. Isn’t the little tuxedo cute? However, it wasn’t very sturdy in construction, so I knew that I was going to need to find some way to anchor our superfly DIY vase. Enter river rock. Add enough rocks to fill the tuxedo up to the halfway point. I found these tuxedos (which are actually wedding party favor boxes) at the local dollar store.


3. Insert your anchor plant. This one should represent something for your guy. For my dad’s arrangement (Yep! He was the one I thought of when making this) I chose a burgundy flower, his favorite color. Make sure the anchor flower sits taller than all the others.


4. Insert your tie-in plant(s). I chose baby’s breath to tie-in both the light and dark colors in this arrangement. This particular plant should tie in with your focal point design. I feel the baby’s breath handles that task well since this is a daughter creating an arrangement for her father. Next, I chose a plant in the same shade/tone as my anchor plant to spread throughout the arrangement. This provides a focal point of interest without becoming a distraction by stealing the limelight from your anchor plant. In this project, I used black Baby’s Breath which tied all the flowers in this arrangement together beautifully.


5. Arrange the focal point flowers. I added lavender roses (my favorite color) around the burgundy centerpiece flower. The softness of the lavender compliments the strength in the burgundy plant. Make sure to spread the flowers out by intermingling the buds so the arrangement looks as natural as possible.

6. Enjoy Your New Arrangement! I made two of these arrangements. One for dad and the other for my countertop. I truly adore the colors in this arrangement. Be sure to stop by and let us know what you think of the super handsome floral arrangement for him.