The Power of Passion and Attitude

Guest Post by Motivational Speaker Matt Newnham

No, I am not some sadomasochistic nutcase but I do know that when it comes to success pain is close to being a pleasure. It sounds crazy but doing what you love most, doing it with all the passion you have, in the right frame of mind and with the “I can” attitude pain becomes your partner. I won’t ever say pain becomes your friend because pain is pain no matter how you look at it and you would never want it as a friend.Inspirational-Monday-The-Power-of-Passion-LiWBF

Passion and Attitude are the two most important things if you want success in whatever you set your mind to. Whether this is on the sports field, in the arts, around the board room table or even just being parent the right attitude mixed with some passion yields results. Yes, you know there will be times when things are tough, these are the painful times, on the sports field this is perhaps most evident. In sport the pain comes in a multitude of ways, the heavy tackle, the ball hitting in the wrong place, the muscle being pulled and of course in losing. But each and every time any of the pain occurs the person gets back up.

Motivational-Monday-The-Power-of-Passion-LiWBF Around the board room table or in business there will be days so painful you wish you had never started the discussion or the path but because you believe, because you have the right attitude of knowing it is right and because you have the passion inside you you carry on, pick yourself up and make a plan to get the job done.
Pain is your compass, pain tells when you need to slow down or tells you the finish line is close. Pain is part of the process; you have planned for it without actually knowing because your passion and attitude override it. You know the pain will be there, “No Pain , No Gain” is so very true that the pain doesn’t matter.
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Knowing how to recover from the pain, whether physical, emotional, financial or other is what matters and it is this that others often don’t see and it is this that make you and will continue to make you a success. Pain is in many ways your partner but without that gut wrenching determination, arteries full of passion and a mind with the clear and perfect attitude pain becomes something to fear and fear hails defeat not success. Your passion and attitude allow you to overcome fear, cope with and recover from pain and make you a success.
Look at all the heroes and successful people of this world, Walt Disney was told he would never be a success, Richard Branson spent hours in a cold wet phone box, Tiger Woods has injured himself and been out for months only to come back and win. Such is the passion and attitude in just these 3 men that they overcame pain, they knew it was going to be part of their success and made success their goal and pain just part of the process.

Let your dreams be bigger than your fears… and your actions be louder than your words!

If you have the right blend of passion and attitude you can make pain a partner in your success because you give pain the respect pain deserves!

Matt Newnham, is a writer based in Cape Town, South Africa. Having spent 18 years in sales and marketing in the challenging business systems industry he chose to follow his passion and today consults and writes doing what he loves. His forthcoming novel “The Seed Shepherds” is due for release soon. Twitter: @mattnewnhamZA