LiWBF’s 12Hr Adventure with Caribou Coffee

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me about my 12 Hour Adventure with an energetic boost in the form of a Crafted Press Coffee

The Live Well… Be Fabulous message is all about adventure and enjoying life to the fullest. And all of you know how much I love sharing affordable outfit ideas and scrapbooking tips and motivational messages. So when I got the chance to work with Caribou Coffee on showcasing my very own 12Hr Adventure, I jumped on the chance.


In summer the days are longer and we tend to be in the mood to seek adventure!

Whatever your summer pace is Caribou Coffee has a variety of premium cold drinks for you to discover and explore and keep you fueled for all your summer adventures! This is why Caribou Coffee created their new Crafted Press to be the perfect way to keep you going in your day-to-day adventures! The bold coffee helps keep you awake while the touch of sweetness keeps you refreshed!

Caribou Coffee takes 12 hours to cold steep their coffee because they love serving the best. That brings up the question: “What motivates you for 12 hours?” For this adventure, my sister and I took readers on a journey through the super busy day of a lifestyle-fashion blogger.

The journey started at 8am with the choice of a theme for the day, one that had to go along with the way LiWBF presents its stories and Caribou Coffee‘s adventurous motto. To get the buzz started, I created this set on Polyvore. It consists of a -mock-up of the outfit I wore on Saturday. Isn’t it totally adorable?

Next, my sissy and me got all dolled up and headed out to Caribou Coffee in Brier Creek, NC! She was just as excited about our adventure as me, if not more so. This was her first time experiencing the work that goes into the creation of a fashion and lifestyle post.


The Caribou Coffee shop at Brier Creek was so atmospheric. Perfect for getting some work done. And since part of LiWBF’s appeal is that we give daily inspiration for fashion then it was so very easy to jump right into choosing the items for our outfit of the week post.

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I ordered the Chocolate Café Press and my sister ordered the vanilla one. Now I won’t lie. I was somewhat worried about trying an iced coffee. Everyone knows how much I love to drink hot coffee out of my Mona Lisa coffee mug. However, the Café Press won me over with the smooth taste of its slow-crafted, cold-filtered coffee that has the slightest pinch of cream added to the recipe. A medium with no whipped cream has only 120 calories!


After getting a bit of writing done and choosing outfits for this week’s segment of Fashionable Friday it was time to head over to the craft store to find embellishments for next Sunday’s segment of Scrapbook Art Sunday.


Just look at all the fun things I found in the box I’m holding. Don’t forget to check back with us on Sunday so you can see what I did with all these goodies.


Next, it was time to get some street pics of the outfit I was wearing. Since I am both a lifestyle and fashion blogger most of my outfit pics are taken while I’m on a venture such as this one with Caribou Coffee.


Next we took a few moments to decide on and edit a shot for uploading to the online fashion hub, an online commuity that showcases street bloggers such as myself. This is the one we chose.


Saturday hit some 96+ degrees and we felt every bit of the heat as we did our thing. My Crafted Press came in handy since it was cold and delicious! The sissy and I headed across the street to grab a bite to eat after wrapping up the photo shoot. The Brier Creek area vibrates with life. There’s something fun & energetic going on every which way you turn. Even the elephant ear plants outside the restaurant we chose looked vibrant and alive.


And since I am also a gardener, I couldn’t resist stalking and photographing the plants.


Finally, as the day wound down, so did our energy levels. On the way back home, I stopped by Caribou Coffee in Chapel Hill. This one was a little different from the store in Brier Creek since this Caribou Coffee consisted of a beautiful building inspired by European design. Check it out!

caribou - chapel hill

And then it was time to head home and start putting all these great photos together so I could share my ventures will all my fabulously loyal readers. Where did my last cup of Caribou Coffee ‘s Crafted Press wind up? Well, it got a chance to sit beside a super handsome gentleman, of course.


Wanna try a Crafted Press for yourself? Then sign up for the Caribou Coffee Mobile App, Caribou Perks and fill out the optional survey. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and get your complimentary medium Crafted Press! And then, grab your camera or cell phone camera and head on out into the world so you can share your own 12Hour Adventure using hashtag #12HrAdventure!

Thanks for sharing the adventure with me!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Caribou Coffee. All photos © LiveWell… Be Fabulous!