Scrapbook Art Sunday… Working with Embellishments

Hello art lovers! We’re back with yet another fun-filled segment of Scrapbook Art Sunday! This week I’m tackling embellishments. And nope! These aren’t the digitally constructed kind as we’ve made in earlier segments. The pages featured on today’s post were handcrafted with lots of love and patience (extra emphasis on the patience part). Having said that, I did use my favorite scrapbooking software (Cameran collage) to resize and frame the photos. I love what my “Dream” scrapbook is becoming.



Originally, I was going to use my birthday weekend pics to use as a demo page since that was one of many major events that have occurred in my life over the past few months. Yet, printer problems and paper issues kinda stressed me out. So I wound up using the Caribou Coffee pics instead. But that’s okay. The results still turned out well. I found all kinds of scrapbook goodies during last week’s 12Hour Caribou Coffee adventure and couldn’t wait to dive in and use them today.

Here’s a pic of what came in the goody box I brought home last week. Craft stores rock. They have some of the best art supplies around. Searching for scrapbook supplies can quickly turn into an adventure.


Did you miss the Caribou Coffee post last week? You can read all about it here and still find out how you can get a free coffee while doing so.

1) By now, you know the drill. Gather your materials. The techniques I use to construct the four mini pages in this tutorial can be used to create larger ones as well. Today, I’m focusing on how to work embellishments into your pages. I had more fun gluing and pasting and piecing the patterns together than I’ve had since elementary school. Haha! Gotta love scrapbooking. It’s art class for adults. 😀


2) Choose the background pages for your photos. The key here is to make sure the color schemes jive without looking too organized. Keep in mind this is really a photo album I’m using, so I’ve decided to go with a variety of decorative techniques (aka lots of frillies) to shake things up. You’ll see what I mean once you get to the finished pages at the end of this post. For the pages that will make up the two parts of this scrapbook segment, I went with the 4X6″ predesigned cards that came inside the box of goodies I bought. I chose a theme of pink and green because those two colors are awesome when paired together. And since the theme of this page is Fun Times, I wanted to make sure the colors conveyed the same meaning.


3)  Here comes the super fun part. Shape your background pages. I used one of the cards that came with my kit as a stencil, which is not something I’d suggest doing. I have a super steady hand. If you’re not careful you can easily damage both your card and scrapbook paper. Try making cardboard stencils instead. I rounded the edges to give the background some character since the cover sheets inside the album are square.


4) To create the first two pages (the ones using the green background sheets) I chose complimentary colors (pink and purple) to offset the strength of the green.

And here’s the accent page I made to compliment its twin. Here is where I cheated a bit. I actually used digital scrapbooking software to resize the photos.


5) And voila! The final page, which isn’t really a single page. The great thing about using these small 4X6″ pages is that you can be as creative as you’d like without worrying about the need to change the entire design if one or two elements don’t jive with the rest. I hope you enjoyed this edition of Scrapbook Art Sunday. See you again next week when I tackle three more pages of the “Dream” album.


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