The Fashion Files… Lace, Waterfalls, and Black Handbags!

It has been a while since my last post, I know. However, I’ve been hanging out in the writing cave and busily plucking away at the word count of my next few book releases. Yet, I couldn’t resist coming out this week and sharing some Fab new items I bought as part of a Lookbook collaboration between Live Well. Be Fabulous! and two fabulous new brands I’ve discovered: and


The shirt.

This peasant blouse can be worn two ways, which I discovered by accident. You can wear it as a buttoned up shirt that’s perfect for fall, or you can turn it around and wear it as a summer piece that dips low, creating a sexy look that can be dressed either up or down. I’ll feature another outfit with this shirt later this month.


I have also featured a gorgeous fringe kimono blouse by earlier this month. I have one more great item from this burgeoning company to show you later this week as well. What I love most about these items are that the clothing is lightweight enough to be used as layers in your fall outfits. What I didn’t like was that the items run small, so be sure and order a size or two up in the blouses.

The Black Handbag. My ichic24 story!

This is my ifchic24 story, and I’m super excited to share it with you. More on what that’s all about here in a bit. I can already tell you that this is going to be the season-of-ten-new-black-handbags for me. Lol And the tote featured in this segment, a genuine leather handbag called the Jay M. Leather City Tote is a huge step in the perfect direction for me. I bought this handbag and a super cute skirt during’s #ifchic24 event that is held on the 24th of each month.

Here’s how it works… If you visit the site, create an account and sign up for their mailing list, then you’ll be able to collect up to $6 worth of ifchic coins each day which you can then use to shop on the 24th of each month. The coin hunt is like a fun fashion game because you’ll need to browse the site in order to find them. Each coin is worth $2. However, you need to know that the coins will expire on the 24th of each month whether you’ve used them or not, so be sure to follow my lead and use them toward the total purchase price of a fabulous item such as this tote!


I have a fun fashion show style YouTube video posted at the top of this post that shows me shopping and demonstrating how the process works. You get to see live footage of me unboxing the handbag along with the skirt. I can tell you that the quality of the items I’ve received and even the packaging they came inside is well worth the prices. Also, if you take some time to read the “About” page on’s main website, then you’ll find some pretty cool stories about the designers who work for this site. You have everyone from single parents to famous designers who give to the uniquely designed clothing on this site. I am impressed and have already started collecting my coins for the October 24th event.


The Jeans and Sandals

These are vintage items. The jeans are a pair of Kardashian Kollection goodies I found before the line was discontinued at Sears. And the sandals are Express! I’m pretty sure with a bit of research, you can find both these items on sites like eBay or Etsy.


Items in This Set:

  1. Women’s Sexy Long Sleeve Lace Backless Top $12.78
  2. Jay M. New City Leather Tote $139.00 (Don’t forget to use your ifchic coins to help with this purchase!)

See you all next week!