The Fashion Files… WWEW – What Would Erin Wear?

Okay. I know. This is my first Fashion Files post since like forever! However, I do have explanations for my absence. Besides the fact that I have been writing as though my Muse has suddenly taken over my body, I generally tend to lean toward fewer postings during the second half of the year. Time constraints, book releases, social engagements, neglected yard work (so guilty on this one)… the list could go on and on, so I won’t prolong the list of excuses any longer than I have to.

What brought me out of my styling slump was this gorgeous plaid shirt dress by! I’m not sure what I find so alluring about plaids this year, but I cannot get enough of the trend. I’ve even started collecting plaid dresses like the ones featured in this week’s post.


Yet, the good thing about being committed to all my lovely life things over the past few weeks is that the blog benefits all the more from the juicy stories I now have to tell and the photos I’ve taken from all the real-life experience I’ve been able to gather. Which brings me to the outfit featured in this special edition of the Fashion Files. I have labeled this week’s Polyvore creation as WWEW, What Would Erin Wear, after the fictional fashion designer and star of my Musical Interlude Series, Erin Angelo.

If  you’ve read the any of the books in this series, then you’ll know Erin is spunky, talented, fiercely independent, yet totally in love with her sexy Maestro, Aleksandr Dostov. Erin’s legacy will live on long after I’ve moved on to publishing my next novels. So, it is to Erin I dedicate this week’s Fashion Files set. I suspect you’ll be treated to many more of her weekend ideas in the next few weeks.

Items in this Set:

  1. Women’s Button Down Plaid Shirt Dress $39.00
  2. Betsey Johnson Bracelet $24.90 (Only 5 Left)
  3. Fornash Tortoise Icon Earrings $30.00
  4. Longabaugh Felt Hat $$140.00
  5. Frye Parker Tall Lace Up Boots $398.00
  6. Mini Leather & Suede Handbag Burlington Coat Factory $999.00 (only 2 left!)