Super-Cute-Holiday-Bouquet-Number-Featured-LiWBFSuper Cute Holiday Rose Bouquet in 6 Easy Steps

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I could not let this season get away from me without posting a super cute tutorial. Christmas 2015 has arrived and I couldn’t be anymore excited than I’m already feeling. I’ve opted to setup my Christmas village this year versus putting up a huge tree. We will still have a tabletop tree, though. However, it won’t be quite as elaborate as the ones we’ve decorated in previous years.

For this months super cute project, we’re going to focus on creating a centerpiece that can be modified by a few simple steps. So without further ado, let’s get started. All of the items used in this project came from the local dollar store and cost less than 20 bucks altogether.

1. You know the drill. Gather your materials. You want to choose a Christmasy/holiday color scheme, but make sure you choose at least one flower that’s considered unique to another holiday. For example, I’m using roses and baby’s breath (plants associated with Valentines Day) along with white poinsettias and pine cones in this tutorial. If you’ve been following the Super Cute series throughout the year, then you’ll recognize the silver tray from several other tutorials. That’s what makes crafting so much fun. You get to find creative ways to reuse your goodies.

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2. Prep your goodies – I totally enjoy using floral gel beads. Not only do they create fabulous hydration for your live plants, but they also give depth and character to silk ones. Fill the bottom of your vase with the beads. Later in the tutorial, you’ll get to see pictures of what this does when sunlight hits the vase. Go ahead and cut the stems off the accent plants using a good pair of wire cutters. Use caution in this step. The wire inside the stems is sharp. That’s why you should always use wire cutters instead of scissors. Remove any labels from the silk plants you’ve chosen to use. Set aside the bears, scarf, and confetti erasers for now. We’ll get to those in a bit.

3. Assemble the plant. Start with your focal point plant(s). In this arrangement, the rose and pine cone will be our centerpieces of the arrangement. Make sure the focal point plant(s) is the tallest part of the arrangement.


4. Assemble the tray. I absolutely adore this silver tray. It was a steal for only 1 buck and looks great in every single tutorial. Add the confetti/erasers and leave a hole in the middle. Set your gorgeous flower arrangement down in the middle of the confetti. Add your two adorable little angels. We’ll be using these guys in another super cute project, so don’t worry if you choose to leave them out of the final design.

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5. Choose your variation. At this point, you can either choose to leave the arrangement as is…


Or you can add some character by tying a scarf or ribbon around the vase. As promised, I’ve also included a picture of the way the sunlight hits the vase.

The beads really do bring an interesting aspect to the arrangement, don’t they? And what would Christmas be without a little snow? I created the snow mat using a small packet of snow I found at the dollar store. I set two rectangular pieces together and cut a circle.

6. Enjoy your arrangement!


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