Super Easy & Quick Holiday Centerpiece

If you’re like me, then the holiday season snuck up on you and you’re probably struggling to find those last few gifts. In the meantime, the decorative portion of the holiday season might have suffered the tiniest bit. It certainly has for me. I didn’t go all out this holiday season the way I’ve done in the past with the decorations. Between preparing for several more book releases in 2016, aging parent issues and running LiWBF, I just never found the time to get around to the holiday decorating I love so much.

However, the streak of creativity that usually strikes my internal muse around this time of year hasn’t failed me.


Gather Your Materials. This tutorial is so super easy that I won’t go into a great deal of detail on how to pull off this project. As with all the projects featured on LiWBF, the steps and materials can be modified to accommodate your personal taste. I found these items at the the local dollar store. However, you can find a variation of the snowflake basket which is the star of this mini tutorial at almost any craft store.


Begin the Design. I wanted lots of red and gold. The colors not only stand out as the most beautiful hues of Christmas, but they also compliment the color scheme of my home. You don’t have to buy ornaments for this project. Simply recycle some of the ones you have laying around in your Christmas storage bins.


Add some dimension. I didn’t want to stop at the “arranging the ornaments in the snowflake basket” step, so I chose a party favor tray (think colorful & decorative) to give the project some color and personality. Be creative in this step.


I’m pretty happy with the final result! Good luck with yours and happy holidays to you all. Thank you so much for supporting Live Well… Be Fabulous in 2015. You all rock!