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Black is My Happy New Year Color!

When the cooler temps started rolling in (only a couple of weeks ago here in North Carolina) I knew this was going to be one of those years where my constant obsession with the color black would come into play in every aspect of my wardrobe. I mean, you gotta love the power in the color. Someone should have nicknamed it 50 Moods of Black. Okay, so maybe that’s going a little far, but I can’t think of any other color that means so many things. Anyway, I first posted this outfit on Instagram during one of my Polyvore art moments. I enjoy treating fashion as an art and thrive on the various ways of showcasing that skill.

Here’s the outfit I put together on Polyvore.


Fast forward to a couple of weeks after the photo that was taken in Jeans Under My Dress (80 degrees on that day), throw in a trip to Little Italy (aka Maggianos) and… Voila! Look what we came up with! Yet another convertible outfit that wears well on both warm and cool days.

I chose fleece-lined tights because I didn’t want my legs to get cold. North Carolina has some of the most bi-polar weather. Flip flops and open-sleeved dresses one day and boots and closed-toe shoes the next. My friends from the north love it, and North Carolinians cherish the variability of nature in the Tarheel State.


Shop the Look:

  1. Silence & Noise Mercy Seamed Swing Dress $49.99 Urbanoutfitters.com
  2. Forever 21 Women’s LaceUp Combat Boots $28 (A Steal!) Forever21.com
  3. Zizzi Faux Leather Studded Motorcycle Jacket $48.90 (Yet another steal) Navabi

The Jacket I’m wearing is a seriously oldie but goodie. But don’t worry, I’ve found similar styles for you to check out. The dress is from Urban Outfitters and I LOVE it. The material is thick enough to be worn during cooler months, yet thin enough to be converted to a spring outfit when the time comes. The handbag (not red, but maybe next time) is by Reflections and the vintage boots are by an Italian designer. Considering that this is an outfit based on how wearing it makes you feel, the power-in-me necklace hanging around my neck (yep! I made the necklace and a tutorial will follow soon) makes the perfect accessory. This outfit makes an intriguing blend of vintage and modern, and I truly had a great time wearing it. As with all my creations, this outfit can be worn by fashionistas of all ages and sizes due to the tailoring of the dress.


So why is black my happy new year color? Well, I have always been and will forever consider myself a Goth girl. Not only is black the most versatile shade of the fashion world, it’s also the one that makes me feel most powerful and sexy and adventurous all in one go. 2016 is the year to embrace all those things.
Valentine Welcome Box

The beginning of the year always brings a time to consider what makes me feel strong enough to tackle the goals I’ve set for myself. Black outfits are just one of many ways I choose to motivate myself to tackle that to-do list each day. But never fear, blue serenity and rose quartz are here, so you will most definitely see plenty of those to go along with my Happy New Year power color.








Do you have a color you prefer to wear? If so, why do you love it so much. Tell us your fashion story in the comments below.

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