A Fashion Story… Blush Pink DKNY Style


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Well, I warned you, didn’t I? Told you to expect many posts with Rose Quartz, right? Some of you will be happy to see me stepping out of my comfort zone and into the colorful one. Actually, taking a walk on the, eh-em, pastel side of the spectrum wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be. Especially when I’m wearing a fabulously comfy/stylish/rocking sweatshirt from one of my all time favorite designers! Yep, that would be the Donna.


Shop the Look:

  1. DKNY Sweatshirt TheOutnet.com $134.00 (Similar) The $20 version I’m wearing can only be found at Burlington Coat Factory and Ross Stores
  2. Vera Wang Leggings – Kohls.com $29.40 (Similar)
  3. Under One Sky Hailey Tote Bag Tillys.com $34.00 (Similar)
  4. Sally Hansen’s Gel Nail Manicure in Pink Cadillacquer (Buy at your local drugstore)

Thrifty deals and frugal steals were all in the stores we visited today. I discovered this sweatshirt at Burlington Coat Factory one day while I was on a mission to find something to go along with those cream-colored pants by Vera Wang. What is it about cream-colored clothing that makes it so incredibly difficult to pair up with other vibrant and lively colored items? Maybe it’s just me, but I had the hardest time ever trying to find something to go with these pants.

Maybe that’s why black remains my happy color… because it’s so darn easy to match and goes with everything. Not all blacks are created equal, though. Some have greenish tints to them, while other black items have a pureness that makes a piece of coal look dusty. Either way, I’m glad to see the blossoms of early spring slowly coming back to life.

Spring and fall/autumn are my favorite times of year. Both signify rebirth in a sense and that’s what life for me feels like these days. A renewed energy comes along with finding the right path in life, and I’m pretty sure a new attitude ties in with the type of colors we’re attracted to. Do you agree?


At any rate, I had tons of fun wearing this outfit and can’t wait to share a few of my other finds with you all. 😀

What are some of the colors you use to make yourself feel powerful?

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