Scrapbook Art Sunday

5 Tips for Working With Color Themes

Yep! Its time for another segment of Scrapbook Art Sunday. In this segment we’ll be working with color themes. I had fallen behind on updating my dream book, so when I woke up this morning and found I was out of black ink, I started panicking. The great thing about these segments is that I love doing the artsy little things that goes along with the tutorials. However, I thrive on printing my masterpieces early in the morning. That wasn’t happening today. I ran out of ink at some point and didn’t realize that I’d done so. Huge sigh.


But never fear! Digital scrapbooking is here! LoL If you’ve followed along with LiWBF’s monthly Scrapbook Art Sunday series then you know that we use both physical and digital scrapbook pages in our household. Both methods contain a certain type amount of versatility that comes in handy for both beginners and experienced scrap artists alike.

This week we’ll be exploring the colors of themed pages. When focusing on a large ongoing project such as the one I’ve Ben working on in our Dream book, you’ll need a certain level of cohesiveness to give your scrapbook that thrown together, but not put together feel that’s characteristic of most scrapbook pages.

1. Choose a tie -in color(s)
In my Dream book, red and pink are the colors strewn across most of the pages. A good way to support the level of unity you’d like to see in theΒ  scrapbook is to decide whether you’re going to go with one or two colors or if you’ll use a pattern of many colors at the beginning of the project.


2. Alternate your theme colors with other shades. The Dream book uses some blue and a bit of yellow in between pages highlighted by red and pink. The funny thing is I didn’t intend to follow a color scheme. Things kinda worked out that way over time. With a project as large as the Dream book things are bound to naturally head in their own creative direction.

3. Use filters to give your photos depth and interest. This is what makes the world of scrapbooking so much fun. Rules be gone! I added some color to the head of the girl who now sits on LiWBF’s newly designed header banner. Filters can also be used to stay consistent within your color theme. For example, I used a pink filter on the photos in the scrapbook title page for this article.


4. Don’t forget the stickers. Oh how we love stickers and stamps, right? I hear you over there clapping and bouncing in joy. Nothing brings out the big kid in me more so than stickers. And I love ’em all. Digital. Physical. Hand drawn! Bring it!!! LoL This is the one place where rules go flying out the window. And they should. Have fun with stickers. You can use them to highlight your color scheme or you can choose to go wild thing and have fun using different ones to recapture whatever mood you’d like to convey. Just have some fun. I most certainly do.


5. Enjoy Yourself
Don’t get too caught up in making the perfect page. For me, the ability to toss together several photos and stickers and fun artsy things on the same page makes the scrapbooking process so much fun. Use these tips to give you a pleasant way to link your pages, but let your inner muse guide you throughout the process. And don’t worry if she decides to misbehave a bit. The scrapbook process is definitely all in good fun!

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