Super Cute Colorful Egg Bouquet in 6 Easy Steps


I cannot believe how quickly this year has moved. Easter is here and spring has arrived along with it. The azaleas are showing hints of pink blooms and the rose bushes have filled out. Easter happens in less than 24 hours and I can’t wait to share my Easter outfit with you all.

I’m a bit behind on this post, but the colorful egg bouquet we’ll be making this week is so cute that you can find the materials you need over the weekend and leave the finished product up for several weeks. The Super Cute series has been so popular here on Live Well… Be Fabulous, and I thank you all so very much for your support. Stay tuned for some upcoming news about this series coming on the blog.

Let’s get started on this month’s project. Most of the materials in this tutorial can be found at your local craft store. And if you don’t want to make this into an easter basket then you can easily make this a personalized gift for mom.

Here we go!

1. Gather your materials:

Easter eggs of various sizes
Easter grass
Crystal Vase
Pink flowers (4 plants)
Yellow flowers (4 plants)
White flowers (4 plants)
Focal Point flower (1 plant – Make it a showstopper)
Anchor flowers (2 plants – think baby’s breath)
Marbles (Enough to fill vase)
Bunny Rabbits (2 or 3 neutral colored ones)
Accent Butterfly (pick a large, eye-catching one)
Silver Tray





2. Prep the Vase – I bought the clear vase featured in this tutorial from the local dollar store. The fabulous thing about dollar stores is that they offer a fresh and steady stream of gorgeous vases throughout the year. Since I wanted the color of the flowers I’ve chosen to stand out along with the goodies I’ll be adding to the tray then I went with a simple crystal clear vase with a rounded shape. Use colored marbles in the bottom to add a bit of interest and variation. Choose a shade or two that’s not included in the bouquet design. Fill the vase to just above the halfway point.

In past super cute tutorials, we’ve shown you various ways to  turn plain vases into showstoppers with a few simple decorating tips.

Here are the links to those articles:

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3. Assemble the Bouquet – Those of you who’ve followed the Super Cute tutorials probably know we always begin with our focal plant. This is the flower that should stand out in your design, the plant that should mean something to you. Since pink is the color I’ve chosen as my power hue this year, then I chose a pink lily to display at the top of the bouquet. The focal flowers should sit high above the rest. Surround the focal flower with a mixture of the pink, white, and yellow plants you’ve chosen to support the main plant. Situate the anchor plants behind the bulk of the bouquet as shown in this photograph. I used baby’s breath to add a bit of interest. What do you think?


4. Add the frillies – I was lucky enough to find Easter goodies that came prepped for adding to my bouquet at the local dollar store. But Easter eggs, styrofoam rabbits, and other goodies are always available at craft stores. If necessary, you can use tiny strips of ribbon and a small craft stapler to make the egg ornaments. Make sure you spread the hidden rabbits throughout the bouquet to give your admirers little hidden treats.



Super-Cute-Egg-Bouquet-in-6-Easy-Steps-Six-LiWBF5. Setup the Bunny Tray – Set your bouquet down in the middle of the silver tray. Surround the vase with a lush carpet of Easter grass. Place colored eggs of various sizes inside the grass. Little hidden gems. Don’t forget the cuties! Sit the two bunnies on either side of the vase. Use a piece of Velcro to hold them up against the box if necessary. Now, grab your camera because you’re going to want to show this project to everyone!


6. Enjoy Your New Bouquet!

What do you think of this month’s project?

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