It has been a while since my last post. I know. Sorry about that, but I haven’t been feeling well and chose to hang out around the house more than I normally do. Which means I haven’t taken any new outfit pics. Horrors, right? Today makes the first day I’ve actually felt like getting out of the bed for longer than an hour. The good thing about me being unable to move around is the rest I’ve caught up on. I also got a chance to concentrate on reading the wonderful stories of my talented blogger friends, to catch up on some writing, and make plans to launch a new business in June… More on that exciting venture later in the list below.

Since I skipped February’s Life Survival Checklist recap, then I wanted to make sure I didn’t do the same for March. These accountability lists really do help me stay focused, and you’ll be proud to know that we finally got around to cleaning out the rose garden’s bed! LoL


Here we go:

1.  Reading – every single book about subscription box services I can find. Why am I doing this? For fun? I do consider myself a geek chic fashionista. However, I’m launching a subscription box service in July, and even though I can’t talk about the details of it just yet, I will tell you that its going to be based on something you all love here on LiWBF.

2. Writing – the last installment of the Young Adult version of the Lost Immortals Saga. What does that mean exactly? It means that the story will go on, but will be envisioned into an adult version to be released in 2017. I’ll also be seeking representation to help me land a traditional deal for that series. Thank you to everyone who has helped me sell over 100,000 books since I fist self-published When Copper Suns Fall back in 2011. You are all awesome!


3. Bursting with Pride – because we’ve actually cleaned out the rose garden for the first time in almost 3 years. LoL Pics will soon follow.

4.  Volunteering to help struggling local students look beyond the confines of a life that could hold them back from their true potential. I along with a few other of my friends will be mentoring two students from each high school. Helping young people this way gives me a sense of satisfaction that’s hard to explain.

5. Wearing a black turtleneck dress from on a spring day! How about that one North Carolinians? We’re used to this now, right?

6. Stressed because of the UNC-Villanova game. ‘Nuff said.

7. Preparing for a HUGE summer. I’m launching a new subscription box service and the last book of the Lost immortals Saga in July. Details on that service will be coming soon, but legalities and such have to be tackled before I can say anything about the nature of the service. Until then, I’ll let you think about this question: What’s in the box?

8. Excited about watching Captain America Civil War in May, XMen Apocalypse in June I think, and the return of Game of Thrones this month! Woot! Can we say: This girl loves her some fantasy? 🙂 Also excited about wearing my genie pants again this summer. I don’t know how this outfit got left out of last year’s Fashion Files lineup, but here it is for you to see. On I called this one Dreaming of Sunshine and Genies. Definitely a shop my closet item to revisit very soon.



9. On an opposite note – I’m mad about the worst Walking Dead finale ever! Hangs head in shame when thinking about the easy path the writers chose to use.

10. Crushing on… all the gorgeous bathing suits! There are SO many that are perfect for long-legged, short torso girls like me. I can’t wait to share this month’s Crush Craves post with you.

That’s all folks!

What are you up to this month?