A Fashion Story African Safari

If you’ve followed Live Well… Be Fabulous since its early days then you’ll know that my crew caters to budget-friendly style. I fully believe that you can look like a million dollars without breaking your bank account by trying to do so.


A course that I’m taking now asked us to describe our ideal reader. Who do you write for? Well, two years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to answer that question so easily. However, now, we could talk over a cup of iced coffee any day about this answer.


I write for the single mom who loves fashion, life, and her kids but who also thinks she can’t afford the magazine stuff. I’m here to tell you that you most certainly can look good and feel great at the same time. I write for the wife whose kids may or may not be at home and she’s looking for a way to affordably revamp her image and to create a purposeful life. I write for the college student who wants to look good but needs to know what’s comfy along with affordable as she takes on discovering her place in the world each day. And finally, I write for the working woman who embraces the spirit of individuality and brings that unique sense of personality to her lifestyle.


She’s the fabulous woman. The Enigma. An Agent of Fabulosity. These women might all seem to be hugely different types when you read through that list the first time around. I know. Go ahead and say it. I’m not following the rules and catering to one specific person. However, I’ve noticed all of my readers have one thing in common. A vivid personality and a spirit of determination. The LiWBF reader is out there in the world creating a life she loves!


Which Brings Me to this week’s segment of A Fashion Story. I was contacted by a fabulous new brand that I’ve fallen in total love with. They’re called Bohemian Island and they’re run by a fabulous group of folks who aren’t just out there promoting the world’s most comfiest pants as their slogan states (And yes! The slogan speaks the truth) but they’re also using their product to gain attention to a great cause… Saving Thailand’s abused and abandoned Soi dogs. You can read all about their plight here, but I can tell you before you head over and read the story that you should prepare to be touched by Bohemian Island’s mission.


I’ve named this outfit African Safari for two reasons. First, the pants create a safari type of look. They truly do. I chose the shirt for several reasons: a) It’s a great style, even if it does emphasize my tiny torso and b) the color is a nod to Beyonce’s fabulous Lemonade video. If you missed it then you really need to check it out on iTunes.


Shop the Look:

  1. Sujata Elephant Pants $27.50 BohemianIsland.com 
  2. Contemporary Peasant Top $24.90 Forever21.com
  3. Braided Metallic Low Thing Sandal $39.99 Express.com 

As I said earlier this is part one of a collaboration between LiWBF and Bohemian Island. These pants are super versatile, comfortable and made of good quality material, something that feels an awful lot like silk but without the fragility and price tag. At only $27 a pair, you get a product that not only looks good and feels great but supports a great cause as well. Stay tuned for part two of this Fashion Story collaboration when I show you how easy it was for me to tackle my yoga poses in these pants.





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