The Life Survival Checklist May 2016

The-Life-Survival-Checklist-May-2016-HNCK-LiWBFWhat can I say about May? Well, it was the month of beauty and friendships, that’s what. I have met so many great people both on and offline over the past few months. I’ve also finished the concept and business plan for LiWBF’S first subscription box service, and I am super excited about the launch coming up in September.

But why so many months away? Well, there’s a TON of work that goes into a launch like this one, and I want to give myself adequate time to get things ready. will go live next week (Finally, right?) So what was the Leigh household up to last month?

Here we go!

1. Reading – Game of thrones Book One… finally! I’ve waited to read this one for a LONG time. The books are huge and filled with lots of characters and are very different from the HBO show I’ve been told. I’m also reading through my Musical Interlude Series of books again. Why am I doing this? It helps me to authentically recapture the spirit of my writing voice. Especially since I’ve been on a hiatus. Which leads me right into topic two.

2. Writing – Still working on the last installment of the Lost Immortals Saga. Publication date December 6th. I’m also working on an Interracial Romance series called Love & Alliances that will be pubbed under a pseudonym. We’re aiming for a September-October production date for this one. Follow the KaSonndra Leigh Books fan page on Facebook for more news on bookerly things.


3. LOVING – The American Rag shirt dress I found to wear on my son’s graduation day this coming June 9th! This will be yet another one of what is quickly becoming my trademark outfits… Pattern mixing! Also loving the Cize exercise program I recently discovered while watching HGTV. I have set a target weight to reach and I’m almost there thanks to this super awesome program. I’m not affiliated with the Beachbody Network in any way so this is my 100% “me crushing on a new exercise” regimen enthusiasm.

4. Wearing – a chambray romper from Old Navy and hoping that the rain eases up long enough to allow me to head out for a quick photo session so I can show off these super fab shoes I found for a steal at Payless.

5. Enjoying – a life filled with love and friends and family. I tend to gather the loveliest folks into my life and that feels awesome! The people who surround you speaks tons of unspoken words about your true personality. Always remember that!

6. Preparing for the launch of and the subscription box service we’ve worked hard to put together. The design and concept are almost finished. The concept brings to mind a mix of ancient royalty that meets the modern world. This is a flower-based subscription service, however, the difference will be the floral goodies will be used as a way to compliment the items showcased in the box. Think World Market meets the Super Cute series in a subscription service. Now comes the part where we find the artisans to supply the smell goodies and frillies. So if you or someone you know would like to be included in this new venture then please contact

7. Watching – Reign and without Toby Regbo it has lost a bit of steam. The Queen Elizabeth storyline is somewhat interesting, but I’m afraid the show needs a huge boost to keep it going. Also watching American Horror Story. Just finished season four after taking a break from all the oddities a few months back. And for me to say something is odd means a lot. I’m the queen of strange, odd and unusual. Season four ended on the type of note that’s come to be expected from this show. One with plenty of societal messages and such packed between the storylines.

8. Excited about many super fab things as always! My son’s graduation on June 9th. We suffered a setback here, but my son, a trooper-soldier like mom pulled through and proved that life is what you make of it. He’ll be walking the stage next week and I’m super proud of him. I’m thrilled about the buzz surrounding Also, I’ll be starting a Linky party called Fabulous Fashionistas. So now I’ll have the ability to pin the gorgeous pics of all my favorite bloggers in one round. Stay tuned for news on that party’s launch date.


9. Mad about – Cyberbullies terrorizing my friends. Grrr!!! As an author, I get a bit of this and as one who has seen a moderate amount of success there was a point where it became brutal. The key is to react with professionalism and to not stoop to the level of the aggressor.

My grandma used to always say that even a fool will get tired of arguing with a wall.

10. Crushing on – All the gorgeous cold shoulder tops I’m finding in stores everywhere. There are just not enough dollars in my bank account to buy every single lovely I’ve discovered. However, I did manage to find several good ones that I’ve now added to my growing collection. Also crushing on the classic sneaker with dress look. I’ve yet to find the perfect pair, but I do believe he’s they are out there. LoL

That’s All Folks!

What are you up to this month?

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