Straight Up Eve Talk

Highlights of Our Poshmark Store


I am super excited to announce two events that took place over the last few weeks!


First, is live and kicking. WOOHOO!!! Be sure to head on over to LiWBF’s new craft-vintage clothing store so you can take a look at what’s going on over there. I’ve worked on this project for over a year now, even though the website design appears super organized and colorful. Launching a website takes a lot of time and three times as much patience. And when that task revolves around the launching of 3 spinoff businesses then the process can totally overwhelm you. I appreciate you all patiently waiting for me to get back to LiWBF’s regularly scheduled blogging program while my team and I worked out the kinks, bugs, design, hackers, etc. Be sure and let me know what you think. Your feedback is valuable to me.

Super Sexy Steve Madden Pumps! Find these babies listed in StraightUpEve’s Poshmark store!


 Which brings me to the title of this post… Straight Up Eve is LiWBF’s new online boutique that specializes in selling unique/vintage/hard-to-find clothing on Poshmark and artsy floral arrangements on Etsy (coming soon). I chose the name Straight Up Eve because of what I’d like our customers to experience each time they visit the shop. A no-hassle buying experience and honest pricing based on what we’ve determined as the item’s worth. I spent most of my birthday (June 18th) searching for deals on gorgeous items to add to our lineup.

A few of StraightUpEve’s offerings

Clothing to fit that sexy, but mysterious muse with a dash of girl-next-door appeal that will capture the spirit of the items you’ll find in our shop. After logging in the clothes (a work in progress) we started photographing and taking inventory and deciding on shop value. The process was intense (and still is…lol) but so very much fun.


We’re also going to be launching two subscription services. One in September and the other in December. We’re still in the process of deciding on the names (well, we’ve settled on one but legal issues need to be worked out first) but will most definitely fill you in as soon as we’re able. I will tell you that one box will be based on the Super Cute Craft Series and the other one will be an Artisan collection of goodies. I promise to reveal the details soon.

We’ve added Jewelry and Shoes to StraightUpEve’s lineup… WooHoo!

Remember when I told you I was going to be adding more outfit posts? This segment, Straight Up Eve Talk, will be one of those additions. I’ll be highlighting a few super cool items from the boutique and demonstrating ways you can turn vintage into a uniquely you masterpiece. And here’s your bloggerly host modeling a super cute outfit featuring a dress from Jesse & J.
What do you think of Straight Up Eve’s selection? I’d love to know what you think.