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There’s just something whimsically sexy about a baby doll dress that sets my ageless spirit aflutter. If you’ve followed LiWBF for a while then you probably already know the motto we follow around here… Learn the Rules and Then Break Them! I love it.


That’s exactly what I’ve done in this week’s #OOTD… a hip little baby doll dress from one of my greatest obsessions… the Free People brand. The shoes are a pair of vintage gladiator sandals, the kind with old school, vintage style straps that drive you nuts. Yep! I’ve salvaged a pair I bought over a decade ago. Urge carries a similar pair that has the old school tie up straps you can’t find anywhere anymore. Currently, we have a love-hate relationship. LoL


For those of you who didn’t already know, Free People is a part of the URBN group which also owns Urban Outfitters, Anthropologies, Band of Gypsies and the latest home and garden venture from the group called Terrain. All of these brands have permanent places in my heart. Each one targets a specific age group I suspect, but the gurus of URBN realizes that the times have a changed and the we are enjoying a period in time of what I like to call the Ageless Fashionista! The outfit I’ve chosen in this week’s segment of A Fashion Story is a tribute to this intriguing soul.


This dress isn’t available online, but no worries. I’ve included many similar, super cute & affordable alternatives in the Shop the Look widget beneath the photograph.

Shop the Look:

You know the free spirit when you see her. She’s full of life, enthusiasm and has an infectiously free spirit that influences everyone around her. No one cares about her age because she’s just so blippin’ cool. She embodies the spirit of what the URBN group and many other companies realize these days… that style isn’t only a timeless venture, but also an ageless one. The aspects of design need much more than the ability to throw a sketch on paper. These days, an article of clothing captures and holds the spirit of its wearer. While some may raise an eyebrow at her love of pink and frills and all things romantically youthful others will cheer her along the entire way, cherishing the positive vibe she leaves behind.

Yes, we live during a time of chaos and worldly distractions and other unpleasantness, however, we have the ability to make our marks one good deed at a time. And don’t forget to throw in a smile along the way. In my humble opinion, Free People captures this spirit of style combined with artistic expression and movement.
What brands do you wear that make you feel powerful?
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