#OOTD Fall’s Golden Embrace

Yes, I’m finally accepting the obvious. Fall has blossomed and summer has vanished in the wind. However, the temperature gauge this past weekend said something totally different. Coming in at 92 degrees and with humidity that gave me hair to make Diana Ross jealous, the atmosphere felt more like a typical day in August than the week before the start of fall. Or maybe you prefer to call it autumn. The controversy rages on. Either way, this is the time of pumpkin spice everything! You know what I mean, right? Just take a trip to Starbucks tomorrow and peek at their updated menu. I always find it fascinating how they can update the items in their stores according to the season. This is also a time of county fairs and merry-go-rounds! Something I have always found exciting.

Image Credit: Viktor Hanacek
Speaking of pumpkin spice, I’m totally digging the new variation of mustard yellow called Sweet Maple Sugar, the color name listed by Free people as the way to describe the shade of gold in the shirt I’m wearing. This shirt is called the Into the Night Tee and it’s a beauty. I totally love the unique way the style hangs on my frame. The shape is so unique that I’ll be heading back to the store soon to grab the burgundy one as well.

Shop the Look

 You can dress this shirt up or down. Can pair it with leggings by Charlotte Russe (heck yeah, it’s that time of year again) as I’ve done in these photos or jeans or even a dressy skirt for work. For me, the ability to find a multi-functional piece of clothing makes all the difference in whether I hit that buy button. The only suggestion I would make is to decide where you want the front of the shirt to fall. I normally wear smalls, however I purchased this shirt in an XS because they run large. Having said that, I still want a small version of the burgundy which will help the front drop down a bit lower for those days when it’s chilly and I don’t want cool air blowing across my belly.
I’ve included a comparable pair of golden sandals (cuz this outfit rocks when paired with gold accessories). I’m wearing golden hoops by Forever 21, a little larger than what I normally wear but still super fun and aviators by Christian Dior. This outfit made me feel like a superstar as I strolled the mall’s walkways, and I’m sure it’ll feel the same way for you.

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