Rocksbox It Girl Adventure Part One

Gypsy Soul

When I first heard of Rocksbox, I had no clue of who they were and what they were all about. Recently, I was selected to be a brand ambassador, a Rocksbox It Girl. And I cannot tell you how much fun I’ve had while wearing this jewelry. As part of LiWBF’s collaboration with Rocksbox, we’ll be writing a six-part series starting with this pilot post. Throughout the series, we’ll be showcasing a few great pieces of jewelry, giving you ideas of ways to merge the style into your own wardrobe.

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In case you’ve never heard of Rocksbox before, they are a jewelry subscription box company where you get to rent three pieces of jewelry at a time. During your rental period, you can either choose to wear the jewelry as much as you want and then return and swap your pieces for a new group of goodies, or you can simply buy your set (or any single piece from the set) and use your $19.99 membership fee towards your purchase. Doesn’t get any better than that, right?
Me wearing the Gypsy Soul necklace by Slate

Me wearing the Gypsy Soul necklace by Slate

Here’s how the service works. You pay a small membership fee of $19.99. Then you’ll be given login credentials. After signing in, you’ll be asked a few questions about your jewelry style. Your personal stylist will use this information to help decide which pieces to send. At this point, I was kinda skeptical. I won’t lie. A million thoughts were running through my head. I’m a tough cookie to sell. There’s no one who knows/understands/totally gets how to create my oddball better than me. Still, I found myself eagerly awaiting the postman’s arrival after I got the notice that my first box was on its way.

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Only two days after sign-up, I received my box. I could not wait to open it up and see what goodies waited inside. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed AT ALL! The packaging was fabulous. I had a personal note from my stylist. There were quotes on well designed cards and the box was filled with pretty pink things. Okay, so you know I love that, right? LoL
The best part was the jewelry. OMG as they say in shameless abbreviation all over Twitter and Instagram land. Talk about quality. I received a pair of Kendra Scott earrings to make any stylish/half-stylish/not fashionable at all lady jealous. See pics for visual demo. And the necklaces. Sighs and holds hand over chest. I received two long, layered, golden goodies… Oh, be still my indie-boho heart. The strands of the necklace were purple and gold, the colors of my latest business venture. My stylist nailed the essence of me, and I don’t even know how she did it. Thanks so much Amanda.
There are probably two types of people who will enjoy this service. Those who love jewelry and don’t have time to devote to the process of shopping for that perfect bracelet/necklace/earring set. This type of It Girl will most definitely want to hang on to the pieces in her set. And then there’s me, the type who loves her jewelry to death but tends to lose interest in it after wearing something two or three times. The idea of trying new pieces every single month excites me even more than the release of a cool, new fashion game app. I find that most of my friends fall into one of these two categories. Many of them just don’t want to deal with the stress and pressure of trying to brave the crowds to shop for the perfect Friday night jewelry set.

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I am super happy with the Rocksbox service and am confident that you will be too. In fact, I’m so confident you’ll find this an exciting new and convenient service that I’m willing to give you a month to try it out for free. That’s right. You’ll have your own personal stylist and gorgeous jewelry set free for 30 days. Simply head on over to and enter the code: livewellbefabulousxoxo at checkout. Don’t forget to come back and tell me what you think.


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**This post was written in collaboration with Rocksbox however the views and opinions expressed in this article are my own.**