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#OOTD Rock Your Indie Fashion Style

#OOTD Rock Your Indie Fashion Style

The vintage sensation that has taken over the fashion world excites me beyond words. The free-spirited spontaneity of today’s fashion offers many choices of ways in which you can rock your individual style while adding your own personal touch. And what I’m truly digging about all this is the widespread acceptance of mixing both the old and new, giving us unlimited possibilities for ways to play up our personal style.
The outfit I’m wearing is a semi-vintage treasure I found at Macy’s almost ten years ago. And the jeggings are by Express. Since I’m not quite ready to let summer go I wore these shiny lovely sandals by Apostrophe. Oh, and I almost forgot. The blue and white bag hanging on my shoulder behind the Under One Sky bag is a Free People goodie. They have the cutest shopping bags ever!
One of my gorgeous Instagram blogger friends, Mabel Inca, paid me a great compliment. She told me that she could easily see that this outfit was truly me and she was right. I’ve worn this set for years and get excited each time I pull this outfit out of the closet. You want to hear things like Mabel said when posting your outfits. Choose to wear items that you truly love and not only those things that are hot on the trend radar. Folks will love and adore your unique style and you’ll be remembered for your unforgettable unique sense of taste and not your ability to temporarily rock a passing trend. Now get out there and have some fun!

10 Comments on #OOTD Rock Your Indie Fashion Style

  1. I am so not ready to let go of summer either. I love this look. Your jeggings look great.

  2. Such a cute look!

  3. Have a great weekend ahead KaSonndra.


  4. You look awesome! I definitely think that the look works. Even though it’s not using clothes that are super trendy or avantgarde it looks really nice and it reflects your personality. I agree with your point that the acceptance of mixing old and new is a good change in public opinion. We aren’t as criticized anymore if we pull out vintage pieces and use them time and time again. It’s always nice to have clothes that we have had for a long time that will continue having a place in our closets for a long time.

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

    • Hi Andrea. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this thoughtful review of my outfit. I truly appreciate your support and you are such an awesome lady! Hugz!

  5. Such a cute outfit!

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