DIY Cranberry Poinsettias In Snow Bouquet

Last year we made a poinsettia bouquet that had a silver theme. This year, gold has been the color for me. My family and friends know that as a boho girl I tend to lean toward wearing a lot of silver accessories. However, this holiday season brought out the traditional side of me.

Thinking back a few months, I’ve come to adore the fabulosity of gold again. For years, I wouldn’t touch anything gold because the color seemed kind over the top at times, depending on the item. I even found myself buying a gold S7 Edge, something I’ve never done before.

So for this month’s DIY segments, we chose projects to showcase the beauty of red and gold, two colors which look totally adorable together. This bouquet works alone or with other projects, and the wonderful thing about it is you can easily find these materials anytime at your local craft store.


(All of these materials can be found at Michaels)

2 bushels of gold poinsettias (6 blooms)
2 bushels of cranberry colored poinsettias (8 blooms)
Accent branches (can be painted if necessary)
2 bushels of red cranberries
2 bushels of gold cranberries
Crushed white lava rocks
Clear decorative vase
Cranberry Potpourri

1. Make it Snow!

Using white lava rocks, fill your vase to no more than 3/4 of the way from the top. Try not to overfill as we’ll be using the rocks to hold our bouquet in place.

2. Add the Focal plants.

For this tutorial, I chose a group of gold focal plants instead the single flower I usually choose. The cranberry red color of the poinsettia works beautifully with this gold arrangement. And yes, I’ve been in a red and gold holiday mode all season long so this bouquet kinda closes the deal on my obsession.

If you find it difficult to set the stems in the rocks then lift the vase and gently shake it up and down a few times to loosen the rocks. Move the gold plants and cranberries into a mini bouquet. Hold off on adding the gold branches.

3. Add the Accent Plants.

These cranberry colored poinsettia looks amazing with our gold plants. Be sure and work them in along the edges and place the red items at a lower level than the gold ones.

4. Add the Potpourri.

Fill the base of the bouquet with cranberry potpourri. You can also choose other colors, textures, and scents if you like.

5. Add the tree branches.

Can’t find gold branches anywhere? No problem. Michaels has your back. Buy a small bottle of gold glitter and add it to the branches. Have fun with this extra step. Once you’ve finished this mini project then find a few spots in the middle of the bouquet that compliments your branches. It’s important to work with the silhouette of the bouquet so your finished product looks amazingly professional.

6. Enjoy Your New Bouquet.

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