The Life Survival Checklist January 2017

2017 has arrived and even though it rained and snowed up a storm the past few days I’m excited to see this year arrive. I’m in the process of reviewing my list of goals from last year and jumping right into that list

As we prepare to take on 2017, I’ve heard many of my friends say that they feel this year is the Big One! Many folks also felt that while 2016 wasn’t the worst year ever, it was pretty darn close. I’m here to offer my humble opinion on the best way to make sure 2017 isn’t simply a repeat… And that suggestion would be to simply let go!

Whether it was heartache, envy, sadness, procrastination, you name it… In order to truly move ahead and be able to embrace and hold on to the positive energy a new year has to offer, then you must let go of those negative things holding you back. I’ve also had to learn how to do this. Take it one day at a time. I promise you will get there!

Much love my friends!

Here we go!

1. Reading – Blog posts of my friends and that includes Instagram. I’m still plugging away at a few novels, but since I’ve returned to writing, I don’t have as much time for reading. I’m also starting two new classes this year (TEFL Teaching English as A Foreign Language and another class I’ll mention again in the “reading” section).

2. Writing – The last installment of the Lost Immortals Saga. Publication date still TBD. Talk about a serious case of the George R.R. Martin syndrome, right? I’m also working on several other projects as well. An interracial romance about a woman and her boss who takes a business trip and winds up stranded on an island.

And a serial romance that will be published under my pseudonym Davina Lacey. The Love & Alliances serial launches this spring. The series consists of twelve episodes. I have some other exciting news about my writing that I’ll share as soon as I get all the dibs. Cover reveals and blog tours will begin soon. Stay tuned.

3. LOVING – My new workout regimen that includes a healthy mix of Vinyasa yoga, squats, running, mediation, and dancercise…aka Cize! I seriously feel like I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life.

4. Wearing – An oversized long-sleeve tee from Charlotte Russe and black leggings of course. The whole outfit was inspired by this photo!

5.  Enjoying – Life. I have found that when you love life, it most definitely loves you back. Always remember that and I promise each day will get better and better.

6. Recovering from – the task of wearing too many hats at one time. Yes, it’s great to start the new year with resolutions and great intentions in mind, but jumping into too many things at once is a guaranteed productivity killer.

7.  Watching – Nothing at the moment. My super busy schedule keeps me away from the telly most times. However, I did recently enjoy a Superman marathon courtesy of Netflix. And TGIT returns on 1/19 with my favorite show Scandal so that’s about to change. Which leads me into what I’m excited about.

8. Eating – Kale and eggs with a shot of wine on the side. This little dish is actually a lot tastier than it might seem to be

9. Mad about – Mindless murders and hate crimes of ANY type. There’s no reason or justification for being this way.

10.  Crushing on –  A seriously cute pair of hand-picked embellished Lucky Brand Jeans I found while looking for StraightUpEve’s replenishment for the week.


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