Cozy Meets Couture Jord Watch Style Editorial  Giveaway

**Disclaimer: This post was written as part of a collaboration with However, all opinions and reviews contained within this post are from my own personal experience with this brand**

I’m super excited about today’s brand spotlight featuring the fabulous Jord watch by Unless you’ve hidden underneath a rock, then you’re probably familiar with this new style taking over the world of watches. I first saw the Jord watch on Instagram. All my bloggerly friends had one. I wasn’t too sure how I felt since wood furniture and just about anything else wood other than a pencil didn’t really work wonders for my stylistic soul in that way.

However, the more I saw photos of my friends wearing their wooden lovelies, the more I started to think: “Hmm, maybe there’s something to this wooden watch thing.” Still, I kinda wished they had some lovely colors. I mean, wood is wood, right? Lots of brown. Wrong! Terribly wrong.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks later and I find myself selected to take part in a campaign to introduce this cool watch to you. When looking through the collection of watches on the Jord website, I found one that truly rocked the sleeping wood lover inside me…

The Burgundy & Sandal Watch in the Conway Series

I chose the Jord Watch. In case you didn’t know, burgundy is my 2017 happy color. Judging by the Instagram feeds of my friends, I’m not the only one who feels this way. My representative helped me size the watch so that the wooden band would fit my super tiny wrist. In the past, this has always been a huge problem for me.

Within record shipping time, the Jord watch arrived on my doorstep. I cannot describe the way I felt when I first saw the packaging. Gorgeous black shipping box (too pretty to toss so I’m keeping it). A wooden storage case that looks like it belongs in a luxury boutique (I posted photos of subject box on Instagram and got hundreds of likes in minutes). Seriously, the case demonstrates the quality of the watch inside.

The Jord Watch rivals any luxury watchmaker in every single aspect. Good quality. Well made. Eye-catching design. Easy to use and setup. Gets tons of compliments and envious eyes from your friends. There’s also an adjustable strap that allows you to expand the fit if you want to wear it over the sleeve of your sweater as I did in the previous photos.

This is the first watch I’ve bought that actually fits my wrist. The band doesn’t slide up and down my arm or turn sideways or fit like a saggy second skin. I’m impressed.

In fact, I’m so happy with the quality of this timepiece that I’ll be shopping for this lovely beauty sometime soon. Unfortunately, the style is sold out and I have to wait for Jord to restock. No problem. This beauty is worth the wait.

Be sure to take some time to check out the Jord Watch page and the Conway Series. This unisex line of watches makes great gifts for everyone as seen in this photo!

Also you most definitely need to enter the giveaway going on as part of the collaboration between Jord and LiWBF. You could win $100 towards the purchase of one of these sexy beasts. The awesome thing about this giveaway is that everyone gets a $25 credit toward the purchase of a watch simply by entering. You can’t beat that!

What are your thoughts on the wooden watch craze?

Good Luck in the Giveaway!

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