A Lovingly Sexy Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For The Agent of Fabulosity

If you’ve been a fan of Live Well Be Fabulous for a while then you probably know we promote the concept of the woman who considers herself an agent of fabulosity. Yesterday, we showcased a gift guide filled with goodies for Mr. Fabulosity. Today, we’ve taken liberties to put together a fabulous group of items geared toward every budget, a gift guide that fits our demographic, an ode to the woman who wants to feel and look fabulous.

Image Credit Viktor Hanacek

When the Agent of Fabulosity walks into a room everyone turns toward her. She commands the attention of every single person when she enters a room. The power of the fabulous woman comes from within. Because she’s so unique, the fabulous woman needs a variety of gadgets to compliment her style.

Those who know the agent of fabulosity know that she prefers to be called many things. However, the two most common terms you’ll hear when referring to the Agent of Fabulosity are Ladyboss and Girlboss.

We’ve compiled a list of goodies that will be sure to please either of the girlbosses who fall into those two categories.