The Fabulous Home 17 Cheap Ways to Decorate A Room

I read an article on Pinterest last week that defined six types of entrepreneurs. I wasn’t surprised to find myself falling into several of the categories as I’m undoubtedly a Gemini and am creative to my core. Basically, the article defined me as 1) the creative (super shock factor there, right?) 2) the curator (was wondering about the proper term for this type of person) and 3) the entertainer.

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Sometimes we dabble in the”teacher” type of entrepreneur here on LiWBF too (See the Bloggerly Life series for confirmation) I don’t consider myself to be on that level of entrepreneurship just yet. However, the “service style” is yet another area that I’m about to explore as I find more ways to make a full-time living doing what I love the most…being creative. At the end of the day, all six personalities had one thing in common…they’re all creators in some way, which brings me to this subject of this article.

Designers don’t have a secret to what we do. We just reach into that creative well of productivity and go from there. I’d love to tell you that there’s a process to my ability to create gorgeous flower arrangements; or to write stories that feel so real the scenery whisks you away to another place and time. Even the design of Live Well Be Fabulous came from inside that creative pool in my head. The best explanation I can offer is the universal notion that we’re all creatives in some way…whether it’s an author penning her next fantasy saga or an accountant who has created a system of analysis that will benefit the company in some productive financial way.

Guidance is the key to unlocking that creative gene, a suggestive blueprint of tips that will help lead you to the results you want. This edition of the Fabulous Home offers several tips and pointers that will guide you in the right direction and stimulate your creativity while doing so.

Storage and organization make up only one aspect of homemaking; while organizing the design elements of a room calls for another skill set. I’m in the process of taking on a project that will refresh the look of my entire home. Note: I didn’t use the word “redesign” because I’m still in love with the Mediterranean style I chose. And that first project took place ten years ago. However, the dingy mauve-colored carpet needs to be replaced, and the converted garage needs to be finished. It’s time to freshen up and reinvigorate my home.

The following 17 tips will walk you through several ways to tackle a room refresh project. You can apply these principles to any space in your home as well. Enjoy!

1. Remove clutter. Yes, I went right ahead and put this as the first tip. Why? Because decluttering your home is so super important. Less junk lying around makes it easy to jump in and get started with a room makeover. Need a few tips to help you get started? No worries. LiWBF’s got you covered in 5 Things To Eliminate From Your Home.

2. Rearrange existing decoration. You can move your favorite items to a new table and instantly change your space. This coming spring (about the time when I tend to get hit with my redecorating urge) I’m going to move my wall paintings around. Some will go to new rooms and others will be donated. I’m looking forward to seeing the result.

3. Create an accent wall. However, make sure you choose a small wall or maybe even a nook. Go ahead and try that misted purple shade you’ve been eyeballing for the longest time. Buy a sample of your chosen color and paint a small 3X3 square somewhere on the wall. If you find you don’t like the result, then you can easily change it back. I do this in my bedroom when I’m ready to change the theme. You learn a lot by living with a color over a seven-day to two-week time frame.

4. Focus on a new color scheme. Use the style of your current decorations as inspiration by replacing them with similar objects in different colors. A good example is those decorative bamboo balls that we’ve all stacked in a bowl and sat on our tables at some point. Seven years ago, these babies were the darlings of room design. Nowadays… not so much. The good news is that the decorative balls now come in sparkling, artsy, matte, and textured versions. See the widget below.

5. Don’t be afraid of color. Use your favorite color throughout your home. And no, you don’t have to limit this tip to painting an accent wall. Especially if your favorite color runs on the wild side (mine is royal purple). Start by refinishing a coffee table or night stand. This winter, I’ll be white washing an old mahogany colored bedroom set I’ve had for years. The new furniture will look spectacular when paired with the lilac gray shade I’ve chosen for the walls.

6. Renters can add large photos to bare walls that have tons of color. Photos are a super quick and easy way to freshen up any room. I’ve included a widget of ideas for you to gush over.

7. Change your throw pillows. This doesn’t have to be expensive. See the widget below this tip#10 for proof! 🙂

8.  Make a color scrapbook. The colors on the walls of my house have several names. And even though we did an excellent job of painting the walls, we’re now facing the touch-up dilemma. My color scrapbook helps me return to the home store with paint names in hand. Home Depot keeps all the colors in their database even if it’s not a current or featured shade. Super convenient, right?

9. Buy fancy scented candles and knock out two design ideas in one awesome glass or box. Candles come in many creative cases these days.

10. Place baskets of small throw pillows on fireplaces and corners that need a little TLC.

11. Use wall stencils. I cannot express in words the superfabulousness of these babies.

12. Take a thrift store adventure. I found most of my Mediterranean style artwork in thrift shops and while crashing yard sales. Remember, you’re going for decorative elements that show your unique taste and not the HGTV award for home of the year. Although the thought of receiving praise for the best design award wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

13. Add your favorite lifestyle elements. I chose to add a mini library to my living room.

14. Clean your carpets. Shampoo them until they squeak. Mop your hardwood floors. Apply conditioner to make them sparkle and shine. Seriously folks. A clean floor works wonders for both an old and new room’s soul.

15.  Add a bouquet arrangement. Organizing a gorgeous collection of eye-catching flowers is a lot easier than you think. Just take a peek at our Super Cute Series if you need a bit of inspiration.

16. Don’t try to do everything at once. You will overwhelm yourself and ultimately fail.Tackle one section of the room at a time.

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Do you have any other tips you’d like to add to this list? We wanna hear them. Sound out in the comments section below!

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