The Fit & Thrifty Diva Talks Athleteisure Makeup For Working Out

It’s official. Looking fab while getting our exercise fix on is the new It Guy/Gal activity. I mean, you want to look good and feel great while working out, right? I most certainly do. This is the time of year when many folks have made resolutions to get fit and stay sane. For my morning routine, I do leg lifts, squats, and use weights for my arms. I repeat a set of 12 repetitions three to four times each day. I wind up exercising for a total of around 20-30 minutes. Just a small amount of exercise in the mornings goes a long way.

Now the evening presents a different story. I generally save heavier workouts for the evenings. My routine includes a combination of three types of exercise: ballet, Vinyasa yoga, and Cize (a new form of dancercise that was once called danceaerobics back in the day). Along with running multiple businesses comes the responsibility of staying in shape. And that means we have to both look and feel good from the time we leave for work to the time we get back home. Makeup needs to be just as versatile and enduring as our workout gear.

This month, the Fit & Thrifty Diva will show you some kickass waterproof, boss babe makeup essentials that will take you from the house to the boardroom and through that tough new yoga routine, while staying put so you look great as you head home and call it a night.

Bossbabe Makeup Essentials for Working Out

  1. NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 30
  2. Revlon All-In-One Waterproof Mascara
  3. Bobbi Brown Face Highlighter
  4. SWEAT COSMETICS Twist-Brush + Translucent Mineral Powder $42
  5. Fresh Lip Treatment Perfecting Wand – No Color $24
  6. Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brow Gel – Brigitte
  7. MILK MAKEUP Blur Stick $36
  8. New BalanceĀ® for J.Crew athletic headband $15

When I don’t want a full face of makeup then a skin tint will do. What I love about NARS’s matte skin tint is that it actually does stay put while working out. Plus, the matte finish keeps you from looking too shiny once you get into your groove. And mascara doesn’t get as fab as Revlon’s All-In-One waterproof version. It stays on and looks great even after you’re done working out. Bobbi Brown and Sweat cosmetics are two new brands to me. A friend of mine suggested I try them both and I fell in total love with the way they give me a natural glow along with the staying power of translucent powder.

A brow gel gives you the control over sweat-generated smudges that a regular eyebrow pencil won’t be able to handle. The Milk Makeups blur stick was yet another beautiful recommendation one of my girlfriends recommended. Of course, I feel in love with it. Use this baby to hide blemishes and large pores. It’s truly miraculous! Love!

Finally, what would a great list of makeup products be without that one item that will help keep your look? We’re talking about that classic item from days long gone by…the headband. No worries. New Balance has your back!