Super Cute Barrel Of Gold Spring Bouquet In Six Easy Steps

Life works this way for me… I blink and 2017 starts with a bang. Of course I blink again and guess what? The first quarter of 2017 vanishes just as quickly. Slow down time! I need a moment to catch up. One event I don’t mind seeing as it sneaks around the corner is the rebirth of spring.

Spring is my favorite season of the year. The excitement of seeing the trees and shrubbery I planted as their branches unfold to the birth of a new season brings me a form of pride and joy that’s a bit hard to explain. It’s like these plants are babies taking their first steps into a new world

Even the birds sound excited about the birth of warm weather. I don’t know about you, but I find the sound of chirps very exciting as I wake up each morning. So the best way I’ve found to enjoy spring is to bring some of that joy into my home. And what’s one of the best ways to do recreate spring in the home? By adding gorgeous bouquets to your decor of course! Today I’m going to present a tutorial that teaches you how to do the same thing.

I’m excited to bring back the Super Cute Craft series just in time for spring. This gorgeous bouquet holds the beauty of both spring and Easter and can be used well after the holiday ends. And guess what we’ve done for you this time? We added a cool video tutorial that shows you how to create the bouquet in our featured photo!

Let’s get started!

Materials You Need:

*  2 Plush Animals (1 pink and 1 yellow)
*  Yellow Pail (8-10″ tall)
*  35+ Flower Blossoms (Can use bushels if you prefer)
*  Eggs on sticks for added dimension

Super Cute Barrel of Gold Flower Bouquet in 6 Easy Steps from Live Well Be Fabulous on Vimeo.

Here’s the list of flowers for the bouquet:

6 tulips – gold
6 carnations – gold
5 tulips – gold
Bushel of 5 Berbera Daisies – gold
Bushel of 4 tulips egg bouquet – yellow
4 mini sunflowers – pink and white
bushel of 4 narcissus – white
Bushel of 5 white poppies

1. Gather Your Materials. Keep in mind that all the Super Cute projects are adaptable and you can swap the suggested flowers with anything you wish. However, you should try to match the number of colors per flower with our suggested quantities to make the look shown in this tutorial. For example, if you’d like to use roses instead of tulips and carnations then go ahead and substitute those 12 flowers with your gold roses instead. Just be sure to grab the same number of white and yellow flowers as we’ve used in the tutorial. Be sure to cut all tags off the stems.

2. Prepare Your Container. We chose a pretty golden 10″ pail that was found at the local dollar store. Craft stores are filled with these goodies now so be sure and take advantage while supplies last. Feel free to make this container your personal declaration of spring style. Add stickers or buttons or glitter. Let your imagination run wild here.

3. Start with your focal plants. The white flowers (poppies, mini sunflowers, and narcissus) all create our focal point for this bouquet. The symbolism behind the gold and white blooms represents life and rebirth.

4. Install the support plants. The yellow and gold flowers together make up the support plants for our white blooms. Place flowers that have the same textures, feel, etc. at opposite ends of the bouquet. Refer to our video tutorial for more pointers on how to do this.

5. Add the frillies. The bouquets that contain both the pink & white mini sunflowers and the tulip/egg bouquets were used as decorative highlights (aka frillies) in this bouquet. Add as many as you wish. And when Easter is over you can simply remove the eggs and have a gorgeous bouquet of spring flowers to brighten any section of your home.

6. Enjoy your new bouquet.