The Mediterranean Muse Explores Italy’s Most Charming Villages Second Stop: Castelsardo and Colletta di Castelbianco

When you think of Italy, your mind probably wanders in the direction of Rome, Venice, Florence and many of its other beautiful capital cities. But, there’s much more to Italy than these larger metropolitan areas. Many tourists come here and check off the big cities and forget about all the action and culture that’s tucked away in these smaller towns.

If you’re looking for a unique and authentic Italian experience it just wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the beautiful villages of Castelsardo and Colletta di Castelbianco. Both of them offer a slightly different experience that’s equal in beauty. They’re both incredible medieval towns with architecture that dazzles, surrounded by the sea in just a short distance. If you’re having trouble deciding between which town to visit, read on to find which one is right for you (or even plan a trip to both lovely destinations!)

Castelsardo: The Hidden Gem of Sardegna

While Sardegna and the rest of Italy have seen lots of action as far as invasion, war and attacks go, Castelsardo has been able to stay in mint shape due to the village being strategically positioned off the sea level. With its slightly higher altitude (don’t worry – the beach is well within reach!) off the shore of the ocean, Castelsardo still retains its beautiful, ancient architecture without destruction.

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Located on the northern side of Sardegna, Castelsardo is only reachable by ferry or by taking a plane to the island of Sardinia situated in the heart of the Mediterranean sea. One of the best ways to get there is by taking a passenger ferry from Civitavecchia, the famed cruise ship town just north of Rome. You can get there in under a day on an express ferry. Once you get there, you’ll be glad you did with its charming antique villages, beautiful sea, and friendly locals.

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Like many charming Italian seaside towns, you;ll feel like time has stopped once you arrive in Castelsardo. It’s a great place to spend some time with friends and family, soaking up the sun, taking the in beautiful terrain, going hiking, camping and spending some time out on the sea by boat. Or, if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, Castelsardo is perfect for that too. With a population of just over 5,000 people, Castelsardo is the perfect place for a tranquil getaway (although it does tend to fill up in the summer).

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If you’re looking for a destination that’s unmatched in natural beauty, with turquoise blue water and cliffs and mountains surrounding you, then look no further than this gem found in the Anglona region of Sardegna.

Step Into a Different World in Colletta di Castelbianco

If you’re looking for a destination that’s so hidden and exclusive that no tourists (let alone Italians themselves ) have heard of, then consider taking a trip to Colletta di Castelbianco. Colletta di Castelbianco in in Italy’s Northern region, sitting just a 30 minute drive to Monaco and southwestern France. This quaint little village has only 300 residents (yes, in the hundreds, not thousands) so expect a trip of peace and curiosity from the locals.

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Colletta di Castelbianco is a great pace to visit if you’re looking for a small town Northern Italy experience. The culture in Italy tends to be divided, where those in the North are thought of as being more cold and hard-working, while those in the south are much more relaxed and open. While the stereotype may be true to an extent, in the smaller towns in the North of Italy, people really do open up to you and are just as friendly as those in the rest of Italy outside of the larger metropolitan cities in the north.

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In order to get to Colletta di Castelbianco, you will most likely have to pass through Genoa on the Eastside, or Turin to the North, or even if you’re coming to Colletta from the West, you will likely come from Nice or Monaco.

The natural beauty of Colletta di Castelbianco goes unmatched. While Castelsardo is hilly with tons of cliffs and the beach just a skip, hop and a jump away, Colletta di Castelbianco takes both of these further. Colletta di Castelbianco is mountainous, located inland, and often receives snow in the winter. Additionally, if you’re planning a beach getaway, it is a bit more tricky as Colletta di Castelbianco is located up in the mountainside (though the beach is still easy to get to and accessible by car).

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Mountains, Beaches and Italian Charm

Ultimately, no matter where you wind up in Italy, you can never go wrong with either options. Both of these relaxing Italian villages offer a slightly different twist to the same Italian flavor. If you’re looking for something more authentically Italian where few visitors make their way to and is extremely secluded, Colletta di Castelbianco is for you. Or, if you’re looking for something that’s a little less rural and right on the beach, make your way to the island paradise of Castelsardo.

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No matter if you choose the Island of Sardinia or the mountainous region of northern Italy, both places are sure to leave you charmed with the beauty and history found in all parts of Italy.
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