A Fashion Story Transition To Spring Outfits Like A BossBabe

The weather’s doing some crazy things these days. I mean, my trees are waking up. The perennials lifted their sleepy heads out of the ground several weeks ago. And the pollen. Geez! This is one of those years when the pollen threatens to take totally over. Blankets of yellow-green fuzz cover my car and more and more moss creeps my deck each day. All signs point to spring. Yet, we have a 50 degree day coming this weekend along with nightly temps in the 30’s. None of that sounds spring like at all, right?

I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to plan my daily wardrobe when the weathers all over the place this way. This is the time of year when I want to pull out that gorgeous skirt I’ve been dying to wear with that sexy Free People blouse I picked up last week. So how do you transition to spring outfits when the weather still feels like fall?


No worries. LiWBF’s got you covered. This dress from Sheinside.com paired with the simple cardigan from Forever 21 make the perfect transitional pair. Here in North Carolina, the weather’s all over the place. On the day I wore this dress it was 40 something degrees that morning and turned out to be 80 by the day’s end. Talk about needing a transitional outfit, right?

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To get this look, one that kept me comfy and warm during the 40 degree moments and then allowed me to get free when the sun warmed the air around us up to 80 summer-like degrees, I chose to use these seven basic tips that’ll help you walk into this transitional period of spring like a boss!


1. Cardigan Power. Invest in as many of these babies as you can. You can take them off when the temperature rises as I did in this photo shoot.

2. Wear spring tones. This tip should go without saying, right? But you’d be amazed with how many times I find myself reminding a friend or client that they need to lighten their wardrobe and lay off the dark wintry colors. Don’t get me wrong. I love black. It’s my Happy color and all. However, spring gives me the chance to pull out all those happy colors I’ve been dying to wear.


3. Choose blouses that have 3/4 length sleeves to make it easy to go from cool to warm in seconds.


4. Keep an eye on the weather. I use the Add to dictionary app and it’s the most remarkably reliable product/app I’ve used in years. The highs and lows of each day dictates whether I wear open or closed toe shoes.

5. Keep a spare jacket or two at your job.


6. Wear a maxi. These gorgeous lovelies are back in full swing this year. Since I’m kinda short, I tend to stay away from maxi dresses. However over the last few years the trend has grown on me and I look forward to rocking ankle length lovelies such as this dress by Sheinside.com. Plus maxis keep your legs covered which is perfect for a cool spring morning.


7. Wear Sunglasses. Not only do these babies protect our eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, but they also block pollen and other airborne eye irritants.
That’s it. Use these seven tips to help avoid the weather’s unpredictability and pass along these tips to your friends who might also need a little help!


**This post was written as part of a collaboration with Shein.com. However all opinions are based on my personal experience with this brand throughout several years of personal use**


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