The Life Survival Checklist April 2017

The Life Survival Checklist April, 2017

The first quarter of the year flew by in a blink. At least, that’s the way it feels. I’m both nervous and excited about the second quarter of 2017. Goals become more aggressive. The home reno project goes into full-on mode. And the resolution of family issues take front and center. During this time of year, the journey gets raw and real. Staying on track, prioritizing tasks, and generally managing my productivity with an iron fist must take center stage. That’s when these accountability measures (aka Life Survival Checklists) truly come in handy as far as keeping me on track.

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Overall, I enjoy being productive. I’m always one who thrives on setting goals no matter how big or small. These survival checklists help me keep it all in perspective. They also keep you informed of my writing progress which I’m happy to say has made some movement in the past few weeks.  Sometime right after March ends, I fall into that trap of getting comfortable. You know what I mean.

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We’ve arrived at that time of year where we feel as though there’s still plenty of time to meet our goals so we kinda sit back and cruise through a few weeks in April. No problem, right? Many of you might be tackling a few spring cleaning projects, while others are struggling to keep up with the rigors of that shiny new gym membership that was purchased back in January. The motivational struggle becomes real, does it not?

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Here are a few articles that can help you keep your sanity and make it through this hump of a period:

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Now on to the news from behind the LiWBF scene:

Reading – Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre and Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Both are great books. One is fiction the other none fiction and I’d highly recommend both.

Writing – The second installment of the serial I’ve been working on for the past few years. Also plugging away at the final draft of When Tidal Waves Call. I totally get that George R.R. Martin syndrome thing now.

Wearing – A black version of one of my favorite tee shirts of all time by Free People (the Into the Night Tee) and drooling over the new version that they’ve somehow managed to turn into a maxi dress. Click on the photo to get yours before these babies are all gone!

Free People Mars Maxi

Loving – My new StyleCollective gang. This is a fabulous group of bloggers who support and uplift each other in this busy world of blogging. I’m so very fortunate to have found these stylish ladies. I’ll be writing an entire post dedicated to the introduction of this group soon.

Enjoying – Life as a blogger-entrepreneur. And moving closer to my goal of becoming a full-time blogazine owner.

Recovering from – The whirlwind 1st quarter of the year.

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Watching – The Walking Dead, True Blood reruns, and Scandal. With so many upcoming business and writing ventures in the works, I don’t have a heck of a lotta time for watching television. But when I do, I prefer to escape into anything that doesn’t mimic real life.

Eating – Let me concentrate on what I’ve given up instead. Sugar, bread, and dairy. Yeah, sure, I have moments of weakness (we all do). But I feel that giving up those three little creatures of tempation has truly helped cleanse my body.

Mad About – Mindless murders and hate crimes. I don’t think this box will change anytime soon.

Crushing on – My new red hair and this new lob trend. I smell a shiny, shorter new do coming sometime in the near future.

Have a most happy April!