The Ageless Fashionista How To Rock Boho Outfits At Any Age

There’s no denying it. The bohemian style rolled out on the runways scene over a decade ago and has won over our hearts and souls. Loose fitting, yet sexy styles and floral patterned clothing rule both the runway and our closets. The words flower power mean something again and women all over the world start fashionable businesses geared towards the woman who believes in freedom of expression in her fashionable ventures.

The bohemian style (cuz it’s just not fitting to call this movement a trend anymore) transforms easily from day-to-night gear with minimal effort, and one can find herself easily lost in a day of reading, listening to music or just enjoying a great session of yoga when wearing a boho-inspired piece of clothing. No wonder the style appeals to such a large age range.

Today we’re going to talk about how you can embrace boho style at any age. Here at LiWBF, we believe in what we call the concept of the Ageless Fashionista, the woman who embodies a hip kind of sexy as she goes about her daily activities. She’s the one who fully grasps and executes the concept of designing a life she loves.


The Roaring 20’s

Can we say Free People and rejoice?!!?! At this age, a woman can embrace the full spirit of boho style. There’s nothing holding you back. Feel free to explore as many floral dresses and cold-shoulder blouses as you wish.

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Stroll into the mall wearing a float dress that shows off your toned legs. And then hit the beach later on. Dont forget that great new pair of cutoff shorts and a bathing suit from our bikini Bahama mama article. And since bodysuits are totally in you’ll be the star of the beach.

Choose chunky jewelry and statement pieces to truly embrace that on-purpose look of the boho style. The roaring 20’s are a time to get to know yourself and explore the woman you’d like to become. Embrace that boss babe spirit and never let it go. That’s the thing (knowing who you are and what you want to do in life) that’ll take you well into the hipster cool Thriving Thirties.

The Thriving 30’s

You’re on top of the world during this decade. Each day, you reap the benefits of the road you traveled to get to this point. You might be a new mom or you might be a working woman. Heck, you’re probably both because the essence of your female power plateaus during this decade.

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Your clothing needs to show the light inside you, yet it also needs to stay versatile enough to allow you to run errands, attend school plays, and plan meetings or whatever else the thriving thirties brings your way.

During this time of transformation, the boho-spirited woman embraces a new aspect of her personality through her family and career-oriented needs. Her outfits should reflect this time of internal growth. Focus on lovely silhouettes featuring gorgeous blouses and skinny jeans or leggings. Espadrilles allow you to flaunt those well-toned legs while running school errands. Oh, and don’t forget your cute little fringed crossbody! So handy. 😀

The Fabulous 40’s and 50’s and beyond

At this stage of the game, you know exactly who you are, what you want out of life, and you probably know the best way to do this if you haven’t already done so. This decade makes a time when style has become second nature and life presents itself on a new level as opposed to the previous decades.

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In some way, bohemian style truly enhances and represents the fabulous forties because you’ve entered a new phase of freedom now that the kids have grown up and moved on to live their lives. Maxi dresses with unique silhouettes and pretty floral prints create a sophistication that’s unparalleled in any other style. Dainty layers of jewelry are fine along with the occasional statement necklace worn sparingly. You can also lift that hem up to the area just above or below your knees. Play up your best features and keep the floral patterns subdued and classy.


As you can see, the Ageless Fashionista knows how to change the elements of any kind of fashionable movement to fit her age group. You truly can pull off wearing this beautiful style of clothing. Use our tips and examples as a guide and then get out there, start designing a life you love and look superfly while doing so!

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