Crush Craves Bikini Bahama Mama

Swimsuit weather has arrived in all its glorious sea-salt-scented glory. Here in North Carolina we’ve enjoyed spring-like weather for the past few months, so it’s great to finally see the official temps taking over and keeping a steady flow of warmth going around us. While our friends up north received brutal blankets of snow in the past few weeks, we residents of the Tar Heel state found ourselves choosing between boots and flip-flops to go with our outfits.

The skill to design a transitional outfit came in super duperly handy. However, the on and off again snowy weather didn’t keep folks away from popular spring break attraction sites such as Miami and gorgeous Bali, California, all gorgeous cities which enjoyed the event anyway.

That’s why we’ve put together a fab list of red, pink, black, and white bathing suits for this month’s edition of Crush Craves. In case you didn’t know (or haven’t read our About Me pagesAbout Me pages) these four colors make up the LiWBF brand. Red, pink, Black, and white – stands for love, life, strength, and happiness in that order.

Let’s start with the color red, one of the most fabulous hues on the wheel in our humble opinion. In the Live Well…Be Fabulous logo, red stands for love.


Pink…the color of innocence and new life. However, pink recently found a newfound place among the hearts of both fashion lovers and girl bosses around the world, gaining respect as a color to wow versus a sign of youth as it has been in the past.

Which brings us to black and white…the colors of strength and happiness. If you’ve followed LiWBF’s fashion segments over the past few years, then you know how much we love pairing black with white. Read about this obsession in further detail in our article the Gothic of Black and WhiteGothic of Black and White.

What do you think of our bathing suit choices? We hope you can find something to make you feel like a fabulous bikini Bahama Mama Diva!

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