The Life Survival Checklist June 2017

Wow! I can’t believe I’m actually writing the June life survival checklist. This is that time of year when I like to stop and think about where I’ve been and where I’m headed to. Someone needs to put the brake on 2017!

I apologize for the scanty posting schedule, but I’ve been super duperly busy trying to build our shop and get ready for a few upcoming releases and soooo much more. However, I’m glad to be back. And I’m happy to announce that we have an awesome July lineup planned for you! I promise it’ll more than makeup for the time we’ve been apart. Winks! LoL

Now, on to our latest checklist. Since I haven’t written one of these since April, I’m going to cover events and things that took place in both May and June.

Here we go!

Reading – Torn Seraphine by your bloggerly host and Iced by Karen Marie Moning. I find that the most reliable way to make sure there’s continuity in the novels of your series is to go back and read the earlier ones. Some might say this habit’s a bit anal. I like to say I’m making sure I offer my readers the best experience possible. I mean they’re only taking time out of their lives to spend a chunk of it in mine. Least I can do is make it super good.

Writing – The second installment of the serial I’ve been working on for the past few years. Also plugging away at the final draft of When Tidal Waves Call. This hasn’t changed much since May. However, the first draft of Tidal Waves is almost done so WOOT! 😀

Wearing – Black leggings a textured burgundy tank from Kohls and my fave gray sweatshirt material cardigan!

Loving – LiWBF’s readers! Yep! Even though the posts stalled for bit, you still visited our Instagram and Pinterest profiles with eagerness. I’m both ecstatic and humbled.

Enjoying – A life that’s headed in a new direction. It’s both scary and exciting at the same time. I sometimes have to take a break, step back and catch my breath at the end of a day. There are so many great things coming in the near future and I hope you’ll be there to share those experiences with me.

Recovering from – A super duperly fast first six months of the year.

Watching – The Hobbit trilogy and Game of Thrones reruns. July 16th cannot come fast enough!

Eating – In the last Life Survival Checklist, I listed the things I’ve given up. Sugar, bread, and dairy. So… eh-em, some of them are still going strong (bread and dairy) but the urge for sugar tempts me more often than not. I’m in the process of finding substitutes to curb that crave and will keep you posted on how all that goes.

Mad About – Mindless murders and hate crimes. Nope, this box still hasn’t changed.

Crushing on – Kimonos! An easy way to go boho. Check out LiWBF’s Instagram profile for inspiration.

See you next month!

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