A Fashion Story SSDD How to Shop Your Closet

I’m super excited about this week’s segment of A Fashion Story. I bet you thought I’d forgotten all about this little segment you’ve all come to love so very much, right? Well, guess what? That’ll never happen. I love/enjoy/adore obsess over fashion too much to ever be able to work up a nerve to leave the business behind.

So did this week’s title catch your eye? I bet you’re wondering what she means by the SSDD in this title. Rest assured that the abbreviation doesn’t mean what you might be thinking. Instead, the SSDD stands for Same Shirt Different Day! Gotcha! lol

This week I’m going to offer a few tips and pointers about how you can save tons of money by going shopping. Except we won’t head out to a mall to do so. I wanted to use one of my favorite shirts from this past summer as an example of a way you can pair up the old with the new to find that happy medium between looking great and preserving your bank account. And yes, such a place does exist.

Get This Look:

1) The Mini Closet Audit – Getting your closet in order is the first step towards achieving a successful shop. Start with the season that you’re in and ask yourself: “Did I wear this blouse last fall/summer/etc.” Clear out anything you haven’t worn for the past few seasons. Now if you’re anything like me then deciding on what to eliminate from the clutter can be tricky. This is why I suggest to people that they should use a seasonal method of clearing out unused items.

Organize the items into three categories:

  • What I can’t live without
  • What I definitely don’t need to keep
  • Things to donate

2) The Goto Jeans – Have several pairs of these babies ready to go. At this time, I have six pairs of go-to jeans. That would be the kind of pants that I can pull out of the closet and pair up with anything at anytime. The convenience of this outweighs the stress of trying to put together a completely new outfit. I’m a busy person. I don’t have hours to stress over my outfit. And forget that advice about laying your clothes out at night. My fashion mentality changes on a daily basis. One day I’m all black errythang! The next morning I’m pretty in hot pink again. Getting something set up the day before guarantees I’ll be asking myself what was I thinking by the next morning.

3) The Go-to Leggings – These babies come in all sizes, shapes, and flavors. From the classic yoga cotton leggings that work well under those light summer dresses to dress pant leggings made with polyester.

4) Hang staple items together – Use the following list as a guide on wardrobe pieces you should always have handy.

a. Blousy tee shirt
b. Dressy Blouse
c. Jean Skirt
d. Black Blazer
e. Jean Jacket
f. Fav Sweater
g. Neutral tone flats
h. Neutral tone boots
I. Fav t-shirt

5) Enjoy shopping the rest of your closet. Once you’ve selected and organized the items in steps 1-4 you’ll find that it’s going to be easy to choose items to go with your outfit.

The best part of the mini closet audit is that you find lovely little gems you’d probably forgotten you had. I most certainly did.


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