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Crush Craves Bikini Bahama Mama

Crush Craves Bikini Bahama Mama Swimsuit weather has arrived in all its glorious sea-salt-scented glory. Here in North Carolina we’ve enjoyed spring-like weather for the past few months, so it’s great to finally see the official temps taking over and keeping a steady flow of warmth going around us. While our friends up north received brutal blankets of snow in the past few weeks, we residents of the Tar Heel state found ourselves choosing between boots and flip-flops to go with our outfits. The skill to design a transitional outfit came in super duperly handy. However, the on and...

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The Ageless Fashionista How to Rock Boho Outfits At Any Age

The Ageless Fashionista How To Rock Boho Outfits At Any Age There’s no denying it. The bohemian style rolled out on the runways scene over a decade ago and has won over our hearts and souls. Loose fitting, yet sexy styles and floral patterned clothing rule both the runway and our closets. The words flower power mean something again and women all over the world start fashionable businesses geared towards the woman who believes in freedom of expression in her fashionable ventures. The bohemian style (cuz it’s just not fitting to call this movement a trend anymore) transforms easily...

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OOTD Create A Hip Natural Mood Using Sunlight As A Filter

OOTD Create A Hip Natural Mood In Photos By Using Sunlight As A Filter **This post was written as part of a collaboration with However all opinions and reviews are based on my personal experience with the brand throughout many years.** I wanted to shake things up a bit in this post by discussing a controversial topic in blogging land…the use of sunlight in our photos. Now before you leave me a bunch of comments telling me why that’s a taboo thing then let me remind you that I’m specifically referring to the magic hour in this case....

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The Life Survival Checklist April 2017

The Life Survival Checklist April 2017 The Life Survival Checklist April, 2017 The first quarter of the year flew by in a blink. At least, that’s the way it feels. I’m both nervous and excited about the second quarter of 2017. Goals become more aggressive. The home reno project goes into full-on mode. And the resolution of family issues take front and center. During this time of year, the journey gets raw and real. Staying on track, prioritizing tasks, and generally managing my productivity with an iron fist must take center stage. That’s when these accountability measures (aka Life...

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A Fashion Story Transition To Spring Outfits Like A BossBabe

A Fashion Story Transition To Spring Outfits Like A BossBabe The weather’s doing some crazy things these days. I mean, my trees are waking up. The perennials lifted their sleepy heads out of the ground several weeks ago. And the pollen. Geez! This is one of those years when the pollen threatens to take totally over. Blankets of yellow-green fuzz cover my car and more and more moss creeps my deck each day. All signs point to spring. Yet, we have a 50 degree day coming this weekend along with nightly temps in the 30’s. None of that sounds...

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