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A Fashion Story Vintage Motorcycle Jacket Babe

A Fashion Story Vintage Motorcycle Jacket Babe Today’s edition of A Fashion Story involves a bit of the personal as well as the stylish. First, I want to say thank you for three years of awesome blogging and sharing of your time with us here at Live Well…Be Fabulous! This blogazine started as no more than an idea blowing in the wind, yet it quickly became so much more. Now we have several ventures spinning off this blog based on the feedback you’ve all given me throughout the years. I’ve no doubt that by the end of this year,...

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A Lovingly Sexy Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For The Agent of Fabulosity

A Lovingly Sexy Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For The Agent of Fabulosity If you’ve been a fan of Live Well Be Fabulous for a while then you probably know we promote the concept of the woman who considers herself an agent of fabulosity. Yesterday, we showcased a gift guide filled with goodies for Mr. Fabulosity. Today, we’ve taken liberties to put together a fabulous group of items geared toward every budget, a gift guide that fits our demographic, an ode to the woman who wants to feel and look fabulous. Image Credit Viktor Hanacek When the Agent of Fabulosity...

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Mr. Fabulosity

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Mr. Fabulosity This Valentine’s Day we’re going to wow him with some fabulously unique gifts! This gift guide is for the special guy(s) in your life. All of them. He could be your best friend, or the gentle musician pal who takes you out on Friday. He also keeps a pretty cool stash of records and sometimes he treats you to lunch or dinner for no particular reason. Image Credit Viktor Hanacek Maybe he works hard pounding the pavement of his job each day, tackling every single task that comes his way with a...

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Baby Yourself Nine Tips For Dry Skin Care

Baby Yourself Nine Tips For Dry Skin Care **Disclaimer: Today’s post is sponsored by Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Cocoa Radiant™. However, all opinions contained within this post are from my own personal experience with this brand** Yep! Winter’s doing its thing! Frigid temperatures and strong sunlight (the sun’s rays are most powerful in the winter for folks in the United States). If you’re like me, the battle to find a skin care solution rages on throughout the entire season. I’ve also found the older I get the harder it is for me to prevent dry, flaky skin. Itch fests are...

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A Fashion Story Rocking Casual Glam

A Fashion Story Rocking Casual Glam I’m excited about today’s post. Not only am I wearing a super cool, cropped sweatshirt from Romwe and a statement necklace from Perry Street, but I’m also showcasing my first outfit Vlog. Wait! Hold up. Stop. Did she just fess up to wearing a statement necklace and sweatshirt together? Yep! That’s right. I don’t want to lead into this article by saying this is a “trend” you can rock. Why? Well, because even though this style rules the runways, the concept of mixing fancy with street casual has been around for a long...

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