Five Cities I’d Love to Visit

five-cities-id-love-to-visit-pinterest-liwbfI don’t know how long it has been since I stole some time to getaway. We need that traveling adventure time in our lives, right? So instead of compiling photos for a color wheel this week, I’ve decided to include my travel bucket list. I think you might be surprised by a couple of the destinations, and I’m pretty sure I’ll make it to at least one or two of these places in the next few months. So exciting.

1. Bolivia, NC… pop. 290 – Say what? That’s probably what you’re thinking, right? Actually the population’s probably a bit larger than that, but not by much more. This little city located right here in the tar Heel state and about an hour outside of Wilmington (the southeast’s version of Hollywood) has been the source of much of my literary success so far.


My dystopian fantasy, the Lost Immortals Saga takes place there along with my Gothic Romance, Hacienda Moon. The allure of Bolivia involves not only the historical aspects of Brunswick County, but it also holds some of the most beautiful abandoned homes I’ve ever seen. I have a fascination with old houses, especially abandoned ones so today just might be the day I find the time for a photo journey! Stay tuned. 😀

2. New Orleans, LA – Oh how I dream of beautiful New Orleans. Images of the mysterious Lake Pontchartrain come to mind as I cross over one of the largest lakes in the South while thinking of all the many ghost stories that have taken place in this beautiful state.

Ok, so you might not want to envision that last part, but there’s no mistaking. New Orleans tops many travel bucket lists and for a reason. It’s gorgeously breathtaking, filled with history. And haunted! While I’m not sure if this will be the year I finally make it to the Louisiana, I do know that it will definitely happen very soon.

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3. Savannah, GA – In the same vein as both Bolivia and New Orleans lies the little darling of the Carolinas and Georgia. With mementos of a life long past still standing in some parts of the city, Savannah easily conjures memories of all the glorious days past, a time when the music of grand parties and debutante balls filled the hallways of the houses scattered throughout the area.

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4. Manhattan, NY – It will forever be the big city love of my life. Marilyn Monroe loved it and so do I. However, the last time I stepped foot in Manhattan was exactly one week before the attack on the World Trade Center. So I’m well overdue for yet another go at Music Hall and Rockefeller Center. Plus the shopping deals you find among the street vendors in this place is phenomenal! NYC will definitely see me at some point this year.

Nashville,TN5. Nashville, TN – I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the Utopya Con book convention that takes place in June each year, but I’m truly hoping to be able to attend this one. As an indie author, I’ve met and made some close friends during my literary ventures so meeting them face-to-face sits high up on my priority list.  Plus it has been almost 12 years since I last visited the home of Dolly wood and I must say I cannot wait to experience this gorgeous am city again.

What’s on your sight-seeing list this year?