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My name is KaSonndra Leigh, and I’m so happy that you chose to stop by my little corner of the blogging world. Keep reading to learn about our journey toward becoming Agents of Fabulosity.

ABM_1429470924First, let me explain that Live Well Be Fabulous is a blogazine, the combination of a blog’s personal style of speaking to its reader and a magazine’s photography based layout. The result? A visually stimulating experience that gives readers the best of both worlds in one stop. Pretty cool, right?

Located in the heart of beautiful North Carolina, the Live Well… Be Fabulous team finds many exciting events to write about. We follow a concept called the Fab Five Plan and mostly blog about Motivational Quotes, Fitness, Crafts, DIY, Home Decor/Repair, Recipes and of course… Fashion!


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What makes Live Well Be Fabulous so totally awesome is the community of amazing women it has attracted. When I started this site in early 2014, I knew I would meet plenty of new folks; but not in my wildest dreams did I imagine the extent of the support and loyalty of the women that have come to make up the Live Well Be Fab community.

2015-04-06-21-58-07The Live Well Be Fabulous crew consists of talented writers and photographers from all over the world working hard to bring you the best content possible. There’s me, KaSonndra, Editor-in-chief and Creative Director. I’m responsible for overseeing the look and feel of LiWBF’s website. I’m also the one who provides some of the tempting dishes found in the Flavorful Southern Cooking Series. My fearless photographer and son, Xevandre… aka the Lacrosse player in the pic below. He also edits the photos and helps me stage projects.

Old Byzantine fortress in Corfu, canal view - Greece

Kudos to Taylor Bradford, owner of Pink Heels Pink Truck and organizer of the linky parties I attend each week. She does a fabulous job with this too, and you should totally hire her. We also work with several photographers around the world and are always on the look out for writers who specialize in the beauty market.

Oh, I almost forgot to explain the picture above the previous paragraph. That’s Greece. We’re obsessed with all things Mediterranean here at LiWBF. Well, maybe I should correct that to say I’m obsessed with all things Mediterranean. I love the lifestyle so much that I even remodeled the ranch house I bought ten years ago to look exactly like one of my favorite author’s homes, a villa called Bramasole. We’ve even been lucky enough to find writers who live in various regions of the Mediterranean to help bring the essence of this beautiful region to LiWBF each month in a new series called the Mediterranean Muse.


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Keep-Going-Inspirational-Monday-LiWBFNow on to my story…

In February, 2012, I had the scare of my life. I’d been diagnosed with a serious medical condition that had obstructed my lifestyle. Even worse, the doctors weren’t very optimistic about my medical outlook. I lost hope and faith and suddenly all the small things in the world came storming in around me along with questions about how to handle my estate.

What would my two wonderful boys, the soldiers that had kept mom sane while she was struggling with the nuances that come along with single motherhood do without me in their lives? Pressures at the job mounted in spite of the fact that my health was in jeopardy. My whole world seemed to have crumbled around me.

However, nothing shattered. I recovered from the complications and developed an entirely new outlook on life. I felt grateful and blessed to have been given a second chance at a new life. I decided to become an Agent of Fabulosity!

Click here to read more about what it means to be an Agent of Fabulosity.

Great! Can you tell me a little about LiWBF’s reader? 

The woman who desires a good life. Someone who craves good health and wants to look fabulous while she’s at it. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, while taking on creative endeavors and handling life’s challenges. The fabulous woman can be a single or married mom. Some of them work, while others prefer to stay at home with their families. Sometimes she’s a new student or a returning one. Yet, at the end of the day all fabulous women share one common trait… each one embraces the essence of being an enigma.

The Live Well Be Fabulous colors are Red, Pink, Black & White… Love, Life, Strength & Happiness.


Here at LiWBF, we follow a concept called the Fab Five Plan: Family, Fitness, Food, Fashion & Fun. Mastering the elements of the Fab Five Plan allows the fabulous woman to have the flexibility she needs to tackle the lifestyle associated with all Agents of Fabulosity. Always remember that you are in control. You make the rules based on the needs of your family.

Elements of the Fab Five Plan

  1. Family & Finances. Your hub. Your support group, the essence of your humanity. These two aspects of the Fab Five Plan rank first in the group and always go together. Here at LiWBF all our activities revolve around striving for a better life and creating more opportunities to spend quality time with our families. Living a fabulous life doesn’t mean toppling our budget.camerancollage2015_02_25_184842
  2. Fitness. Once I joined the Vitality program at my job, my life changed for good. I started wearing a device called a Fitbit and began changing my lifestyle more so than ever before. On April 12th of 2015, I ran my first half marathon! I nailed all 13.1 miles and have never felt better in my life. The Fit & Thrifty Diva Series covers all aspects of physical fitness and offers an inside look at how I managed to run my first marathon and lose 20 lbs. while doing so! The-Fit-and-Thrifty-Diva-Prepping-For-Race-Day-LiWBF
  3. Food. I’m learning more and more each day about how to eat healthier. However, I am a country girl. Forever and always. LOL So what happens when a healthy lifestyle goes southern? You get the Flavorful Southern Cooking Series. Flavorful-Southern-Coooking-Basic-Meal-Tips-LiWBF
  4. Fashion. A HUGE part of my life. A long time ago, I took modeling classes at John Casablancas and found myself thinking afterward: “Now what the heck are you gonna do with a modeling certification?” I mean, there weren’t any scouts breaking down the doors of 5’4″ women. Fast forward a few years, and now, I’m using that knowledge to bring all of you tons of great style ideas! Here are some of your favorite posts.PrinceCaspian'sLadyMrGreyWillSeeYouNow
  5. Fun/Entertainment – A seriously HUGE part of my life. Movie, music, art shows… you name it. You’ll find plenty of segments about these things here at LiWBF. wpid-91b541ff6ff2d2b5757599e402ea3eb1.jpg
  6. The Bloggerly Life. After speaking with several of my friends, I’ve decided to add e-classes. And guess what? They’re totally free. Writing on this blog has helped me keep my sanity, and because of LiWBF, I hold myself more accountable for achieving a healthy lifestyle. Since many of my friends have now come to me for advice on getting started, I’ve decided to put together a series about blogging & social media strategy. Can’t wait to get started?  Then click this article… “The Bloggerly Life” and go check it out.The-Bloggerly-Life-LiWBF

Outside of LiveWell…Be Fabulous, I also read, write and review books. I write fantasy & romance and love every bit of the process that goes into creating worlds for you to enjoy. You can read all about the stories I create here and visit my official author website here.

Well, my dear friends, we’ve reached the end of the LiWBF tour. There’s always something fun to do when an Agent of Fabulosity comes around. So be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest so you won’t miss out on any of the fun!

Thank you for stopping by and again we look forward to having you a part of the Live Well… Be Fabulous community!