News, Updates & Events in February, 2015


Can you believe we’re already headed toward Valentine’s Day?

Well, I sure can. Maybe it’s because I’ve been so incredibly busy with working on getting LiveWellBeFabulous up and running. And speaking of up and running¬†let me just tell you how well the hard work is paying off. In the last five

I’m proud to announce we’ll be adding a southern cooking segment featuring a very good friend of mine. Not only can she balance her company’s financial accounts like a wiz, but she can make you forget any kind of bad day with her fantastic cooking skills. And yes! I can vouch for those cooking skills because I’ve had many chances to sample them.

February holds many fantastic new things. We have crafts & scrapbooking along with DIY home decor & repair that we’ll be adding to the lineup this month. Yes, thanks to the classes I’m taking with the lovely ladies of A Beautiful Mess, I’ve finally managed to tap back into the crafty side of me. I never thought I’d be so excited about photographing my life for 52 weeks. Take a peek at the one I just ordered! ūüėÄ


You can get it for $18.99 at

A bestselling author will stop by and talk to us about the perils of being married on Valentine’s Day. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one. This book will have¬†you laughing until you cry. I’ll be posting a review of her latest book, the Perils of Pauline, a romantic comedy and change of reading pace for me. The review goes live next week.

Keep an eye on the feature pages, specifically the Mediterranean Muse page (formerly known as Dreaming of Italy). A photographer friend of mine who lives in Romania and has traveled the world will help us embark on a romantic journey to the Greek Isle of Corfu. This is the joy of running a blogazine. The pictures along with story creates a vibrant experience for the reader, transporting them into a world away from their own.

Finally, I want to explain the collage of pictures I chose to feature¬†for this post. What better way to spend the kickoff weekend for 21 Days of Loving Me than to show you some of the ways I’ve been pampering myself over the weekends?

I found the Mirassou Pinot Noir¬†during a trip to the local Walgreens on sale at the steal price of $9.99.¬†Here’s the funny thing. A couple of my friends and I had tried to figure out where we could find this wine for the longest time. While I was looking for a topcoat to go on¬†that golden gel nail polish in the pic (Sally Hansen’s Game of Thrones… super duperly cool name, isn’t it?), I picked the Mirassou up without even realizing what this particular brand was until after I got home and tasted the wine.

Tutorials and a review of that nail polish will go live later on¬†this month as well. I’m happy with the results of this gel nail polish. Finally, the Malibu sign indicates the setting for my next novel, a romance set on gorgeous Venice Beach.

There you have it! February’s lineup. Check back each day to see what tidbit we have in store for you!