Scrapbook Art Sunday… My First Physical Page

Hey there Agents of Fabulosity!

In this week’s edition of Scrapbook Art Sunday, I’m proud to be sharing my very first physical scrapbook page with you. I also posted a collage that uses the picture on this page on Instagram. Folks loved it! This page is going in the mini version of my blogging notebook I found a couple weeks ago. That scrapbook album will contain pictures taken during my bloggerly journey over the past year and a half.


Creating your memories one page at a time is a great way to get rid of leftover crafty things. For me, the creation of this particular scrapbook is going to be an ongoing project that will last a few months as I collect material from various events I’ve attended and future dates on my calendar.


For this scrapbook, I’m using a 6X9 version of my 12X12 blogging notebook. I also found a super duperly good storage solution while thinking of ways to store all my craft goodies. If you’re like me, then you’ll soon discover that the more time you spend scrapbooking, the more frillies and embellishments you’re going to have. In turn, you’ll need to find a storage solution right at the beginning. I used stackable crates I purchased from my local hardware store. And I LOVE them.

For this simple scrapbook page, you’ll need a few items: photo album, page for the backdrop, the photo you’re showcasing, stickers and embellishments

My new best friend in the crafting world. That’s right. Elmer’s and I go back a ways! LOL┬áSimply use your craft glue stick to add the embellishments.

The purpose of simple pages such as this one is to give you an easy transitional page between some of your other more heavily decorated scrapbook pages. Or if you prefer a minimalist type of design then this page can be the one that showcases your creativity. Either way, you should try to mix up the elements of decorative and minimalist to give your scrapbook a dose of┬ávariety. That’s what makes this craft so much fun!


If you’re wondering why I was dressed in a jacket and scarf on this rainy spring day, then that was because my sissy and I were exploring downtown Durham, NC, on one of Mother Nature’s icy mood days. Yep, we even thought about pulling out the boots to tackle this adventure. LOL