A Fashion Story…

The Highs and Lows of Things

Today’s #ootd shoot features one of my favorite jackets ever and an outfit with a super comfy sweater by a brand I will always love… Express. I love artistic backgrounds. I think that these days more than ever before, the art of coordinating a good shoot includes the background as well as the outfit. I truly enjoy visiting the blogs of my fashionista friends and seeing the way they include a cool graphical background along with their stylish outfits.

Creativity in the fashion posts of today has come about as a result of the movement toward visually stimulating images seen via Instagram, Pinterest, tumblr and a host of other avenues where bloggers choose to express themselves these days.

For this outfit, I chose to use the large wooden blocks located outside the local mall we often visit to complete photo shoots. The backdrop created the perfect contrast to go along with the hi-lo sweater and the yellow in the wood made the green in the jacket pop. I aimed for a slightly militant look, a trend that surfaced during several 2016 Fashion Weeks in all countries. Business of Fashion cited the state of the global economy as the cause. Either way, minimalism has made a comeback on both the runway and in many of my favorite places to shop. To give the shoot even more personality, I purposefully chose to use the sun to highlight the scenery instead of waiting until the magical hour before sunset.

One of my readers left a comment the other day where they were talking about how folks outside the fashion industry think the job of a fashion blogger seems very glamorous. Don’t get me wrong. There’s a certain element of glamor involved in what we do. But to make the perfect outfit (and that definition varies according to the personal style of the blogger) takes a great deal of planning, staging, thinking, coordinating, shouting… just kidding. However, lace-up gladiator sandals bring out the deadly diva in me more often than not.

I must admit. In the end, I love the highs and the lows of blogging and creating outfits and sharing my mini masterpieces with all of you.

What do you most enjoy about fashion blogging?

What I’m Wearing:
  1. Removable Faux Fur Collar Twill Parka Coat Express.com
  2. Gray Mid -rise Extreme Stretch Jean Legging Express.com (similar)
  3. Boxy Extreme Hi-Lo Hemย Cable Turtleneck Sweater Express.com